Oh no! Can Hermes fix this?

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  1. When I was examing my Ostrich black Birkin, I noticed there is a dent on the handle! I am sooo sad! I have no idea when or what happened! Can Hermes can fix this? I am so :sad:

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  2. i am not sure what you are referring to?
  3. There's a bit of the skin chipped off... I think that's what she's referring to?
  4. I would definitely bring the bag to nearby H soon, to ask what they could do.

    It seems just on the handle, not on the panels of the bag, right? :smile:
    Also, it's not a bad location, and very tiny, so even you didn't notice.
    Actually, it took me a while to find it on the magnified pic.

    BTW, what a gorgeous Birkin... would like to see the whole, once you get peace of mind.

    Wish the best for you!! :hugs:
  5. They probably can as I think that this is only the wax or resin finish on the bag and on black it's easier to do I hope they can and I totally saw it right away !!!!!!!! And I would of reacted the same way anyway best of luck bring it in soon . Hope it helps .birkel.
  6. oh-now i get it. it may be that one of the quill pores was in that spot and peeled off. I have had that happen.
  7. Yes it is the resin finish but I still have no idea how that could had happened as I am quite careful with my bags.
  8. Ah, that makes sense... I feel even I can patch it with a pore, so sure H can!
  9. they can fix damage to resin, or they can add color to hide the damage. you will forget about it after it's fixed. just carry your bag and enjoy it.
  10. Bring it in right away and ask a craftsperson. It's the only way you'll know if the bag can be repaired!