Oh no! BV is becoming too popular for comfort!

  1. I went to my hairdresser on Saturday, which is one of the better known ones in London. Every time I go there, I love checking out who is carrying which handbag. I don't think I've seen as many Birkin bags per square-cm as I have there. Anyway, as I was sitting in my chair, I looked to my right and the three seats next to me in a row were all occupied by ladies with BV bags! One ebano, braided handle with swirls on it, one off-white sloane and one limo tote with brass buckle! I quietly alerted my sister, who ten minutes later pointe out the occupier of the fifth seat to my right. Yes, that's right, another BV! Could any of these ladies be one of you lovelies? Otherwise, we need a solution, cannot let BV become too popular! Joke aside, I think more and more women are becoming sick nd tired of the in-your-face-logo-handbag craze of the last 7 years or so and want to spend money on real quality that is understated. Btw, I know I still owe you pic.s of my collection and promise to master the art of picture posting hopefully this week. Need to locate my dig.camera charger and learn how to upload the pic.s on my computer. Take care!
  2. :roflmfao:

    ebruo! You're too funny for words! I do like that BV is becoming more popular. I think it's deserving of the spotlight after being in the shadows for so long. That said, I still want BV to be remain a lil exclusive, and appreciated by people "who are in the know", versus just a mass brand. :yes:
  3. What a great sighting!
  4. really? wow, i can't believe that. maybe those women knew each other?

    or perhaps BV has gotten some hot press lately - well, not that i've seen any.

    what part of london were you in?
  5. :yes: :yes:
  6. How true, ebruo. I have recently spotted quite a few ladies around my office area using Bottega. I thought maybe it could be that I'm starting to note this brand more. Seems like it could be a global phenomenon.

    Anyhow, I like the fact that not many knows Bottega, only those "in the know" like how Nymph puts it. (I still have colleagues who enquire about the brand of the bag). Bottega truly appeals to those who appreciate a well made bag that is not "branded" or "designer" for the sake of it.
  7. I hope they are not getting that populat :crybaby: I have BV in my life for about 4 years now and I always considered it as a well kept secret... The same with the early Balenciaga Le Dix (but we all know how that turned out!!).
    It's obvious it's getting popular because 1) It's still recognizable (the woven leather) by the incrowd, of course 2) Their's no logo's: logo's are considered to be very nouveau riche! 3) And it's a classic, well made quality bag.
  8. hmmm....I guess we can easily witness the increasing popularity of BV by just observing this BV subforum....as the popularity grows, there will be more posts, more threads, more viewers, and more active members! But at least we know we were here posting earlier on....! :p :p So were were in the know before many others!

    I know it is kind of sad that BV may become much more instantly recognizable...I like to wear my fave styles incognito...and just enjoy it more for myself as opposed to having people eyeing and asking and wondering how and where I purchased a purse...I haven't really started to wear out my BV purses yet...do people tend to stare, notice, and comment on ur BV's or do they pretty much pass u by...
  9. I have two vintage BV bags, one navy blue "fat "U"" shaped bag with long spaghetti straps for over the shoulder or crossbody, and one rust colored "roll" gathered at the ends, looks like a fat little sausage, also with the same straps.

    Whenever I wear them ( I live in los angeles) women stare, as if they're trying to figure out what brand they are. Only a few ladies-who-do-lunch in Beverly Hills have given me that "Ahh, yes, dear" kind of look.

    I agree with everyone, BV has been in the shadows too long...but I do like having them as kind of exclusive!:wlae:
  10. They have great taste in London!:winkiss:
  11. They opened a boutique in a mall here. . . if they continue to do that they will quickly become more mainstream IMO.
  12. I was at Woodbury Commons this past weekend and saw 3 BV's. There were much more LV, Chanel, Balenciaga, but I think as Tomas Maier has been revamping the brand it is getting more popular.
  13. Hi evilarchitect! The location was the Neville hair salon in Knightsbridge.

    P.s. No way any of the ladies knew each other! If anything, we were all trying to avoid eye contact.
  14. ebruo, that must have been startling, seeing so many together! and we are waiting for pics of that great haul you had awhile ago (*impatiently tapping foot*)

    nymph, I like a little exclusivity, too, without being a snob about it. but I'd enjoy seeing another BV once in awhile around here.
  15. ^^So right mintpearl - we were all "in the know" :graucho: :graucho: - I'm not sure how I feel about BV becoming popular. I don't want it to be like LV, knocked-off overkill and carried by every 13 year old in the mall. :p