OH NO! Busted by DH

  1. OH NO!! Well, I am totally honest and up front about bag purchases, and purchases in general, but from time to time, other little things pop into my life :graucho: and DH doesnt know where they come from EXACTLY, or how much they cose EXACTLY, :ninja: and I manage all the money....

    we have had this sort of agreement about H..."dont ask, dont tell," particluarlly the price. He really doesnt want to know the details....That has worked pretty well so far.

    But tonight he calls me from the office and asks me some mundane question about whatever-----and then says...."Congratulations on winning the Hermes Bangle on eBay!! You are XXXXXXX arent you??"

    :wtf: GULP!!! I was in shock!! He figured out my eBay name!! After all these years of not even going on eBay. He was shopping for H bangles on ebay (:heart: )and found it!!! OMG. If he reads my feedback I am so busted! (I just bought something else H today!!!!!) :wtf:

    He knows I ebay, and I really dont care, I mean, sometimes he even picks up the packages from the Post Office....and obviously I have a lot of scarves for someone who lives far from H.......but still, this is pretty serious....

    Some of you may know what I mean.....:p

    GULP. The only thing I could think to do is say how sweet it was that he was on ebay and then tell him about the fleurs and carlines horse bracelet that was 660.00 and then QUICKLY steer him to hermes.com where they seem like an absolute steal by comparison. I guess no H for me for our anniversary!!!! Hopefully he will stay on hermes.com from now on!!!


    I was literally sweating bullets when I realized it.
    I am just floored!!!

    i guess the only good part of this story is that he was shopping for Hermes, that is something to hang on to, right?????
  2. Hum, is nothing sacred anymore???

    If he's been to e-Bay for Hermes bracelets, then he's probably seen the prices of the purses as well.
  3. uh OH, lol, seems like he took it well though, no more secret hauls for you!!! You'll have to be a private buyer now, lol
  4. Or change your eBay ID lol.

    I sympathise. My dad will not enter H because he does not want to know. But he casually asked me about the price of a scarf the other day. *cringe*
  5. Yes, but he doesnt know about the thing I just got today....I just emailed the seller and asked her NOT to leave me feedback! If he asks to use paypal, ladies, I am SUNK!!! Then there is no hiding it. (another reason to send him straight to Hermes.com!!! I cant even send him to LZ, or he will ask for the paypal password and then, well, I am dead!)

    Thank goodness for private auctions!
  6. Cobalt!!!! Change your ebay ID right away!! LOL!!!! DANG, these men.....is NOTHING sacred anymore????? Geesh...............
  7. This is my worst nightmare...

    Good luck - I hope it all works out for you!
  8. Oh dear...that's a biggie!! Well my dh opened a package of mine last summer which contained an azap wallet...and well we all know how darn expensive those wallets are...and he kept it HOSTAGE!!!! Swore he was going to return it, etc. I managed to find it and use it before he could think of such a thing any further...phew! I prefer to say things are from fellow pf gals lol!
  9. Uh oh! I hope if he does learn the whole story he'll be understanding. You can always change your ebay ID or ask people you buy from to make their auctions private so people can't see the winning bidder. Best wishes!
  10. Forgive me for laughing, shoes, but the idea of your azap being held hostage just cracked me up. Glad you were able to liberate it and use it before he could return it.
  11. CobaltBlu, I can only begin to imagine your distress. I suggest that you create a new ID and leave your present one as is. Otherwise, your clever DH might figure this all out by looking at ID history.

    Are you sure he didn't figure this out from your email account? You know, the congratulations you won such-and-such confirmation email? If so, you can run but you can't hide.
  12. my big concern here is that a novice should stay AWAY from ebay. unless he's gonna post here for authenticity, it's a very dangerous place to shop for him.
    that aside, the fact that he was looking, yeah, is a very good sign.
  13. YIKES!!!!!! Change your ebay ID at once and convert your old one into PRIVATE so he can't see what you got!!!!
  14. Oh no CB! What a detective you have for a DH.
  15. omg! I can feel you... I really hope my DH don't ever find out my ebay ID.. I mean I buy so much stuff online - I shop more online than I do *IRL* (yeah, I am kind of no life :biggrin: ) ... but urgh! I totally understand.. so far my husband has a "don't ask policy" too... I would sweat bullets... too! :blink: