Oh no! Bagnshoofetish is in the hospital!

  1. Hi everyone! I wanted to ask everyone to send some good thoughts and prayers to Bagnshoo, her doc found her to be very anemic and she had to be admitted for a couple of days, to get some blood and to try to find the cause of the anemia. I talked to her on the phone, she is in good spirits but who wants to be in the hospital! Please send your thoughts!
  2. not her!!! We can't live w/o our bagsnshoo! PLEASE let her know she in our thoughts:tender:
  3. My good wishes to you for a speedy recovery bagnshoo!!
  4. Get better soon bagnshoo!!!
  5. oh my god!!!!
    i hope shes okay!!!
    we're thinking of you bagnshoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I really hope she gets better soon! If you speak with her, tell her that we all hope that she has a speedy recovery! The forum won't be the same without her!
  7. oy vey, what a day! Please send Bagnshoo lots of love!!!
  8. oh no Bagnshoo!!!! I hope she gets better real soon!!
  9. Lots of love and well wishes to our dear Bagnshoo!!! Keep us posted, IG!
  10. Please let her know that we're thinking of her and hope she gets better soon!
  11. Oh no! Tell her we miss her and hope she feels better soon! :heart:
  12. Please send her my best for a speedy recovery!
  13. Irishgal, I thought she was supposed to come out today? Did they decide to keep her in longer?
  14. OMG - I hope she feels better soon !!
  15. Wishing you a speedy recovery bagnshoo!!!! We miss you around here!