Oh no! Australia LV Price Increase is CONFIRMED!!!

  1. :cursing: Oh no! I just emailed LV sydney, and They said as of 26th October (thurs), there will be a price increase!!!!!!


    100% accuracy.
  2. Oh Nooooooo :wtf: :wtf: !!!!! You sure?!?!?!?!?!
  3. Are you sure? The Aus $$ is worthless against the Euro:nuts:
  4. Well, I guess it's just a matter of time for the U.S. to do the same.:sad:
  5. well i was going to get my mama an alma since we was going to hospital next week i guess i will get it before that increase
  6. Do you know how much the price increase will be... ??:Push:
  7. That´s crap!
  8. :cursing: Wonder by how much and if Azur will be out by then:s :yucky:
  9. Oh great... :cursing:
    Is this a global thing or just particular countries?

    I do remember that when the US had a price increase in May/June this year (?) I asked the lady whether Aus was going to have an increase and she said that she didn't get any memo from the top so yeah...I don't think Aus raise their prices as often as the US because the GST in Australia is so high and reduces LV's competitiveness against other countries...

    Anyways, I am upset :crybaby:
  10. LV here is still open as is the GC store;)
  11. Azure is due to launch 1st Nov just after the price increase:Push:
  12. :crybaby: BAHhhhhhhh.:hysteric: Hopefully by not much.:sweatdrop: :heart:
  13. Oh...I hate this:Push: !!! Should i get the MONO speedy/PH before the price hike or wait till the Damier Azure comes out in Nov.:wacko: ????
  14. my beloved SA tell me 5% for bags and around 2% something for small leather goods..

    oh well.. :sad:
  15. bb10lue..... maybe get the mono stuff now (if it's already in your to get list) and if you like the Azure.... you can always exchange it:shrugs: