Oh No - Allergic to my RG Love Bracelet!?!?!

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  1. a few weeks ago, i started noticing a rash on the inside of my arm where my cartier rose gold love bracelet rubs against my arm. DH said that i must be allergic to the bracelet, and i just brushed off his comment. since i've been wearing it 24/7 for a year now, i couldn't imagine it would be the case.

    i went to my dermatologist yesterday, and he confirmed that i'm allergic to an alloy in the bracelet, probably nickel and advised that i stop wearing it:crybaby:

    i called my SA at cartier, and she said that cartier's rose gold is only composed of gold and copper. i searched some old threads and found that some people are allergic to copper. i asked her if cartier could plate the inside with rhodium or palladium to act as a barrier. she's doubtful cartier will do this since it's rose gold (not white gold) but she will check.

    i'm so sad because i love this bracelet. i've searched the forum for suggestions like painting the inside with clear nail polish or lining it with a band aid.

    does anyone have any other suggestions?
  2. I cannot wear gold AT ALL, mixed or plated with anything, or I get a nasty blistery rash of ew. Do you have other gold jewelry that you're able to wear without issue?
  3. Have you tried your other wrist? I have one ear much more sensitive to earrings than the other. Maybe that would help. Good luck!
  4. i've never had issue with any of my jewelry but it all comes off when i shower or go to bed. i can even wear cheap costume jewelry.

    maybe it's because i wear the love 24/7 and it has a pretty sharp edges that grind into my arm as it moves up and down all day.
  5. i can try that but prefer not to wear it with my watch since they will scratch each other up.
  6. Is it a rash or a friction burn from the sharp edges constantly rubbing?

    I can't believe, considering the price, Cartier wouldn't think to soften the edges!
  7. unfortunately i think it's a rash. the derm took one look at it and said "yep, that's contact dermatitis". he prescribed a strong cortisone cream and it's clearing up fast.
  8. This might sound off the wall, but do you happen to spray perfume in the same spot where your bracelet is rubbing? Perfume plus metal can sometimes interact strangely on the skin surface. Just a wild thought to check.

    It happened to me with a watch once, and the issue went away when I stopped applying my perfume in that location.
  9. kim_mac- I had this happen with my wedding ring- had worn it forever, and then my finger started breaking out. Just all of a sudden. You know what fixed it? I had it cleaned. Try getting it polished or cleaned and see what happens.
  10. i don't wear perfume except on special occasions and i only spray the back of my neck. thanks for the heads up so i won't do this in the future.
  11. sounds like a better solution than painting the inside with nail polish! i'll give it a thorough cleaning and wear after my arm heals up! thank you!
  12. That's awful! I get that from earrings that are ANYTHING but platinum - any kind of gold eventually gives me the itchies. I hope you can work it out! Maybe sell the RG and buy white or yellow? The yellow would be more pure without the copper right?
  13. :sad:
    So sorry to hear this! It's definitely an allergy as the edges on mine don't rub at all or cause any sort of irritation. Probably my most comfy bracelet. I'd do whatever works so that you can keep wearing it!! Keep us posted...
  14. Oh no, so sorry to hear this!
    Some tpfers mention their RG Love slowly turning yellowish color. How about you yours?
    Maybe then some kind of chemical reaction occurs, causing your sudden allergy?
  15. Forgot to mention that I have had some trouble with my new RG Love. After a couple of days of wearing my arm started to feel itchy and irritated. I took it back to cartier and it turned out that the screws on the inside of the bracelet were not polished well! They solved the problem for me, but it took three weeks before I got the bracelet back.
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