oh no! a stain on one of my blake pockets!

  1. so i managed to get a stain on one of the pockets of my bordeaux blake! i dont know when or where it happened (its a little black stain). i have no idea what the stain even is! i really should have purchased a leather conditioner :sad: im kicking myself for it now.

    does anyone have any suggestions on how to possibly remove this stain? ive seen a few ladies on here mention baby wipes, but i was wondering if there was anything else i could use.

    i was thinking about running to the coach store after class tomorrow to pick up a bottle of their conditioner. or should i not even bother?

    my dad says the spot is barely noticeable, but i know its there and it really irks me! im so upset :sad:
  2. I would try the conditioner or leather cleaner.. but definitely do a spot test first! You don't want the color to rub off. If there is a burlington coat factory near you, you can buy apple garde products there. Otherwise the coach conditioner would be worth at try.

    Good luck! I hope you can clean it off!
  3. What color is the stain? Is it like a dark spot, or is it a different color?
    Apple guard leather cleaner is supposed to work really well, but dries out the leather so you need to use lots of conditioner afterwards. Coach/apple conditioner would probably work well to even out the spot... I know it sucks, but eventually it'll blend back in. Hope you find something that works!
  4. its a dark spot; pretty close to being black. there is a burlington coat factory around here, but i wouldnt be able to get there until thursday and i dont want the stain to settle into the leather anymore than it already has. thats why i was hoping the coach product would get the a okay. ill try it... :sad:
  5. If you took it to the MJ Store and showed them, Do you think they may have an idea?
  6. jackie, i hope you're able to get out that stain. i understand how you feel. even if the flaw is unnoticeable to everyone else, as long as i know it's there, it's sure to bother me. i think once you're able to get some leather cleaner and conditioner on it, your blake will be as good as new.
  7. okay so i feel like a big idiot.

    ...turns out the "stain" ended up being a water spot. i covered the blake with my jacket, but i guess some water still managed to get onto the bag. the water turned the leather black, it was so weird. when i checked the bag this morning, the spot had dried itself up. so im sorry for going into panic mode, but i really had thought i stained my new bag! regardless, i WILL buy conditioner/cleaner JUST IN CASE!

    thanks ladies!
  8. :lol: i'm glad to hear that everything worked out.
  9. Whew!! My stomach turned when I saw this thread and who started it --- I KNOW how bad you wanted that Blake!!! Glad everything has "fixed" itself... :okay:

    And girl go get some conditioner---what were ya thinkin!!;)
  10. That was a close one! :sweatdrop: I'm happy it all worked out!
  11. i will absolutely 100% guranteed pick up conditioner next time im at the mall/burlington coat factory. ive learned my lesson! heh :lol:
  12. :nuts: I'm so glad the spot went away!!! Yaaaay!
  13. Phew!!! Soooo glad she's fine..!!!I have a red blake...I freaked out last year when it snowed and she got wet....the spots were very dark...but she dried perfectly..MJ bags are so durable...that's one of the reasons why I love them..the leather is bullet proof...just be careful of lip gloss...I am a gloss junky and am super careful not to get any on my fingers & then touch my bag...I KNOW what will happen....I bet it would be a permanent mark...
  14. Glad to hear it was a false alarm!!! :woohoo:
  15. I would get Apple Guard or a Wilson's product or the one that Nordstroms carries (Cadillac) - I don't recommend Coach becuz it's too harsh. I used to the Cadillac cleaner/conditioner on all my leather bags. I used to buy it at Walgreens, but then they stopped carrying it so I bought the Coach cleaner and conditioner set. Whenever I would use it - esp on my MJ bags - the color would lift off (one of my fav bags has a spot on the backside that's much lighter than the rest of the bag & it saddens me everytime I look at it - even tho it's not the noticeable to anyone else!).

    When I found the Cadillac lotion at Nordstroms, I was so excited. The SA there told me that the Coach products were originally designed for the type of leather than Coach uses, and its usually too harsh for calf, lamb & other delicate skins. She said that she wouldn't recommend the Coach products on anything MJ, Chloe or better leather bags. I've been using the Cadillac lotion ever since & have never had the color lift off - even on the bags/wallet where the color would lift w/the Coach lotions.