Oh no! A mark on my Croc Audrey Help!

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  1. Well today after my sister picked up her kids I decided to take my bag out of the closet and look it over with a fine tooth comb which I really did not get a chance to do yet. I looked it over in the store quickly because I was excited my DH had to be somewhere and we were starving so wanted to fit lunch in. But when I got it home I didn't really get a chance to examine it until now. Well there are two long marks on the back one is like 3 inches and the other about two. They probably were not noticeable to me at first because you have to be in the right light to see it because of glare and whatever. I tried to gently rub it with a clean t-shirt because that's something soft but didn't really help. This is disappointing :sad: And for those of you that are upset about bags going to the outlet so fast (which I do understand btw) this is a good argument for using PCE on something you REALLY want.

    I know this did not happen while I have had this bag. I unwrapped it when I got it home and took pics then wrapped it and put it away. I have not worn it out and that day I was wearing a heather gray top with no belt or anything to have made this mark. The tags are still on so I am thinking of calling this weekend to see if there is another one which is probably wishful thinking. But I was considering going back for a price adjustment anyway. My husband said it's not really worth it but now that I find these marks. If this was a lighter colored bag I would have no doubt seen them in the store but like I said I was excited and did ask to see the bag but didn't really examine it super closely.

    So any advice? What kind of cleaner can I use on it in the event they do not have another one and I keep it? If they don't I will keep it anyway since this was a wishlist bag of mine I don't want to give her up :sad:

    I will try to get some photos the lighting in my bedroom is so bad which is probably another reason why I didn't notice it right away. That and things are not quite as noticeable on croc at least not this color.

    Oh forgot to add they look like pen marks but not think like a ball point more like eye liner actually but of course it came no where near eye liner so I am totally confused.
  2. i'm sorry that happens, when people don't like a spot on a bag, they choose another at the FP store, usually what is left that is sent is what doesn't get picked..

    so things like that are more often occurring at outlets, if they have another you can exchange it for and you haven't used it yet, you can do that, but it might be the same thing and it might not but just know its a possibility.
  3. You probably won't be able to find another one. I went and saw a bunch on Saturday, but when I went back on Monday, I didn't see any at all if that is any indicator. You never know though, maybe they can track one at another outlet and chargesend it. If so, I would have them foot the delivery charge.

    You also may not get a further discount, but I could be wrong. They tend to only do that if you bring up the marks/flaws at the original time of purchase.

    I don't know what could help clean it as I don't know much about croc like material. All I do know is that it does seem to get marks somewhat easily. When I looked at the wallets and wristlets on Monday, I spent a lot of time looking over all of them that they had (including having them bring more out) because each one had at least something on it. Luckily I found one of each that were good to go though, but I looked at about ten or so wallets and 5 wristlets (each color- purple and grey). Purple seemed to have more of the problems though. It was easy to find good grey wallet/wristlet, but no so with purple till the end.

    I have heard some put apple on the croc. Maybe you can do a search.
  4. Yes I considered that perhaps another bag there would have some other issue so I might be choosing the lesser of two evils if they do in fact have another one. My outlet will hold for me for 48 hours so I will call then and see what they can do for me as far as that.

    Like I said the tags are still and boy am I glad that in my excitement I didn't take them off!

    I will try to get some pics right now. It is on the back of the bag so that's better but of course I would rather there be no mark at all. If they don't have another I am seriously hoping I can at least get a price adjustment but I hear they are not doing that anymore? I was reading it in the shopping forum.

  5. Thank you. I was hoping maybe to get a price adjustment because they will be doing an additional 20% cupon and when I got it they were not. I didn't really expect them to give me an additional percent off due to the marks because it's the outlet. At least that's the assumption I made, that they would not. Really I would just love to clean it and keep it and not go back there at all but if they have another one I can look at that would be nice. To pick between the two. I guess I should have asked that day if they had more and checked them over. Live and learn.....and don't shop with impatient, hungry husband!
  6. I didn't know you meant price adjustment for the coupon. I assumed you got the coupon since you didn't say either way and the coupon has been out since Sunday at least. I hope that they at least do that for you, but like you said in the shopping forum- they are getting away from doing price adjustments on previous purchases. My current coupon that was mailed to me for the outlet says no price adjustments on previous purchases.

    Talk to a manager though. They may want to at least give you an adjustment instead of taking the bag back
  7. I saw some at Vacaville yesterday, at least 3 but maybe more in the back. I had second thoughts about not getting one, so I went to Folsom today where they had one on hold for me. It was missing the hang tag with the jewel, so the SA got another one out from the back. That had a mark on it, so she brought out 2 more. I was being a little picky so she brought out another one.....and there were still MORE in the back!!! They seemed to have an endless supply of this bag! What is up with that???

    I used Apple on my pink croc Maggie and it was fine. But I also tried to clean off some color transfer and used a little alcohol which took off some the finish and a little color of the leather. So I wouldn't try too hard to clean it. There are more purple croc Audreys out there if your outlet doesn't have any more. But if I were you, I would call and have them put one on hold rather than wait until the weekend. And I would ask them to look it over closely for any defects.

    Good luck!
  8. I thought this was supposedly a Limited Edition bag! WTH?
  9. LOL!!! I could never shop at the outlet like that! I take forever and would totally drive him CRAZY!
  10. Yeah, I thought so too. I was surprised that they even got any at that outlet, and that they had one to put on hold for me. And what a disappointment when it came out with no tag/jewel, figured it must be the last one. But no worries.....there are plenty more! I wanted to ask how many they really have. Would love to see the stockroom sometime!
  11. Here are some photos of the marks. As you can see in certain light when there is a glare you can't see it at all which is probably why I missed it because the only light I saw the bag in was the store and my bedroom and one is really bright and one is dark. I never saw it in natural light and they way I spotted the mark was in bed with my reading light shining on it. I was looking over the stitching when I found it. Anyway, some are with flash and some with out. The ones that look like the color is deeper are the flash photos. I just wanted to show different examples of light. I'm going to call them tomorrow and ask them if they will make an exception for me and hold one until Friday or Saturday if they have one. I guess they could do a charge send? How does that work I have never done one? I guess I could hold onto this one until the new one arrives?


  12. I would want to return it for another one also. If you can't and you really want the bag, at least they aren't huge and extremely noticeable unless looking up close and it is on the back.
  13. Yes the extreme close up photos do make it look worse and depending on the light you can't see it at all. Thank God they're on the back too. If they were on the front I am not sure I would consider keeping it. I don't think anyone else would notice unless they looked really closely but I would know it was there all the time.

    I wonder what it is? I guess there is no way of knowing. Could be anything I suspect due to the fact that it was at the outlet.
  14. You have got to return it! If it were me I wouldnt be able to carry it without thinking of the marks....it would almost "haunt" me. Im sure the outlet can track down another one if they dont have it....they have been popping up EVERYWHERE!
  15. I know. I am afraid it will haunt me too.

    How does charge send work? Anyone? If I have to go that route should I just hang onto mine until the other one gets here just in case?