Oh N Texas Coachies!!!

  1. Guess what Allen Premium Outlets lists as coming in Summer 2008 ?!?!?!? Of course, I will probably be back in MD by then but who knows? But at least all of my Dallas-area gals will be set!
  2. OMG a Coach outlet store less than an hour away?
  3. i'm gonna take a stab in the dark
    and say either a coach boutique or a coach outlet? :nuts::roflmfao:
  4. Yep. Look on their list of stores and a Coach outlet is listed as Summer 2008 :yes:
  5. I posted on your other post in the :outlets" section. I am sooo excited to know I finally have a chance to shop at the outlets like everyone else! I will be about 2 hrs away, but that's fine with me!
    I am like this tonight:yahoo::yahoo:
  6. I'm so in TROUBLE!!!! That is 10 minutes from my house!!!!

    I had heard it was going to open in Allen or Grand Prairie- officially doing the happy dance :yahoo:
  7. Although I don't live in N Texas, my mom does. And we LOVE the Allen outlet mall!!!! Whenever we visiti, we always take a day and hit the Allen outlet mall and then the McKinney movie theatre (they have 1st run matinees for $2)!!!!

    I'm so excited b/c now when you gals post great deals at the outlets, I can send my mom or sis up to Allen to pick up goodies for me!!!!!
  8. OMG!!!!! I am so excited, I have only been to an Outlet once, now one closer and I will be visiting more often!!!!!