Oh my, XMAS came early: I got a White MC MOCA Agenda!!!

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  1. And this is the best part: for $700 (USD) even!


    Cheers and Happy Holidays, Everyone!

    : D
  2. Happy holidays~! :flowers: Pix plz~~:ty:
  3. YAY! merry early xmas!
  4. Congrats!

    :popcorn: waiting for pics.
  5. Congrats!
  6. Great! Congrats!
  7. That's so cool. Congratulations. White MC is so stunning. You'll love using your agenda everyday.
  8. Wao!! Congrats!! I really want 1 after mine was stolen..
  9. Congratualations! That is one FAB agenda! It will surely keep you smiling throughout the holidays :nuts: What a great score.

    chpwhy, I'm really sorry to hear that your agenda was stolen.:crybaby:
  10. wow you are lucky. I always drool over them.
  11. congrats! i love murakami agendas. a cerises agenda should be on its way to me soon...can't wait! :smile:
  12. ~Congrats:yes::girlsigh:~
  13. wow, what a deal! I thought those were going over $1K!!! lucky you!
  14. Congratulations! I love early gifts!
  15. Pictures