Oh my... wow!

  1. Well, last thrusday I went to coach to get a special order item with one of those things that were sent in the mail (I dont know what they're called, I think it's Prefered Customer) & they didn't have it at my store, so they ordered it for me.
    They shipped it ground, and I had already ran to the mail box today, but it didn't come.
    Just as I had told my father it wasn't comming today, the UPS man rang the bell, and asked for my mom. :yahoo:

    (And I wasn't going to the beach because none of my bathing suits fit me anymore...)

    Anywho, I just got it, and it's stunning!!
    It's the coach signature denim bikni, in Medium.
    It was very hard to get the Medium, my poor SA had to call all around the US to get it. I was about to leave when she said she got one in NYC. :yahoo:
    I got $50 off by using the Prefered Customer thingie.


    Off to the beach!
  2. It's nice, congrats on getting it in =)
  3. Wow, you look great!
  4. Thank you!
    I wasn't expecting it to be this cozy, but it feels great!
  5. Cute!
  6. Love it!! I can't wait until I tone up all year and next summer can finally get myself into a bikini. I haven't worn one since I was 15.

    Lolly is my nickname, too! Hahahah!
  7. For real? Hahaaa.
    My real name is Lauren, but my mom doesn't like the name anymore, so she calls me Lolly. I've been called Lolly since I was little, so basicly it's my name.
    But I've never met anyone else using that name! How cool!
  8. Mine is Lauren too!! I named myself Lolly when I was two. Hahaha, omg I can't believe that. You're my name twin!
  9. So Cute!! Gosh I wish I had the stomach for a Bikini again!!:crybaby:
  10. It's adorable and suits you perfectly!!!
  11. That is a great find! I love that bikini!
  12. wow...love it. if i was at my goal i would so order that suit. maybe next summer.
  13. It looks great on you!
  14. It looks great!! :tup:
  15. Aw--- how pretty! I love seeing Coach clothing!