Oh my what's happening to me?! Suddenly a craving for a... WHITE bag?!

  1. I've always been SO against white bags, especially b-bags because I hear it is so high maintenance.. but the more I look at them, the more I feel like I just *need* one haha. Why are balenciagas so addictive and why do we keep *needing* more and more?! Does anyone else feel this way? I swear, I thought after falling out of love with my ink, I would be totally over b-bags.. but its the exact opposite. Now I am desperately in love with both turquoise 05 and white.. My bank account is :rant::mad::censor: to me right now.. heheh.

    I will now be scouring ebay for the two colors, hoping for a great deal. I saw a white city that was SO tempting but it was listed by hgbags and.. :shame: I don't know I just don't feel comfortable.


    OKAY I WANT ONE NOW! hahahah

    If anyone knows or sees of any great deals on white b-bags please let me know! I will be scouring ebay frantically every day.. hehehe.
  2. Hey, I hear ya! I went through the white Bbag phase too, so I did it, I bought an 06' City. For me it didnt work out, but ya know I have heard that with the proper leather care, they stay AWSOME 4-EVER!!
  3. Resistance is futile.
  4. Was it very high maintenance? I'm not one to baby my bags too much.. that's why I love that the bags get better with use!
  5. Well, you might have girls with different opinions, but yeah, I'd say pretty darn high maintenence:Push:
  6. Oh. Ugh.

    I saw one on ebay that was just listed yesterday or so and it looked really beat up. I wasn't sure if it was just normal wear and tear but... maybe it is..? :cry:
  7. Are you talking about the 04' white? Maybe it is the leather, but I really kind of like that bag. I think its better looking than the 06' white color. Have you seen an 06' white in real life? Has kind of gray sort of undertones and really chalky looking. For some reason the pics always turn out to be a much brighter white than IRL. If you take a look at my "documenting balenciaga colors" thread that was my white city. Its the very first pic.
  8. Have you considered calcaire? It's not snow white but it's white with a very very slight pinkish undertone. It's an absolutely beautiful color from pre-fall 05.
  9. I went through the same torment and finally ended up buying a 2006 white first, figuring I'd use it for going out, not an every day bag. It is a little on the greyish side but it makes me happy nonetheless!!!!
  10. SO TRUE!! :lol: :roflmfao:
  11. oh yeah kattiepie totally get a white one!!! i think white in a FIRST is so cute!!!
  12. I have a 2006 white work which I love, the leather on the one I picked
    out is really nice, not too grey. I have to admit I am super careful with
    it, but so far no problems. White always looks great in the summer.
  13. jayge: has it been hard to take care of? I really like the 06 white because I feel as though the leather would not be as absorbent of dirt and grime because it is so shiny. But if I was to get one, I would love to use it as an everyday bag. I LOVE white.
  14. I think so too! I saw one on Nicole Richie and thought it was adorable. Yours is sooo cute on you too!! :biggrin:
  15. ooohhh, kattiepie, I went through this phase too, and it was totally heightened after losing that white first that was on the marketplace to HelenNZ :lol: No hard feelings Helen, I :heart: how the bag looks on you! But I think its partially the fact that I couldn't have it makes me want it more... :shame: The phase passed though, since I couldn't seem to keep my minds off the fact that it's white and would probably be high maintenance. I like to throw my bags around, and I love the feel of the leather when it's all worn. I still dream about white bbags though.... maybe someday...