Oh my; what the hell is this?

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  1. Don't you know, hun, that's the new LV "IT" bag:wacko: ! hahahah!!:lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. Yag, who the hell bid on it? It could be the new IT bag - IT with a SH in front!
  3. LOL!!! Y'know it never ceases to amaze me that these listings actually get bids!:weird:
  4. I saw someone carrying a bag almost identical to this one Monday at the mall :lol: She was with another woman carrying a very fake Chanel cambon tote and wearing this huge fur coat. Mind you, it's 80 degrees outside! :lol:

    That is one fugly fake :sick:
  5. Sometimes I think when the counterfieters make their own designs, they're cute, but this is definitely not one of those times. Everything about this bag is off, I don't even know how it's supposed to look like a Louis Vuitton !!
  6. That's the new "limited edition" just available for people with a very bad taste!:sick: :lol:
  7. Gag!
  8. I emailed the seller about the authenticity and this is her response:

    Hi, I honestly dont know. I bought alot of bags from some guy in Miami because I am really into bags. Now my husband is having a fit because I bought so many, so now I have to sell mostly all of them.
  9. Good Lawd! What IS wrong w/ people!? LMAO!
  10. Oh. Good. *gag!* :sick:
  11. Thank goodness I have not had lunch yet!
  12. ARGH
    This bag keeps popping up on eBay.

    It's like Night of the Living Fuglies.

    Someone please kill it!
  13. Hey I have this one!! Its Beautiful, and I have soooo many compliments on it!!

    Just kidding! What a crazy, ugly, fake, and hideous bag LOL!!
  14. wow that bag is something..