Oh, my, what a beauty! Jardins d'Hiver scarf

  1. Okay, I told myself no more scarves for the moment. But I think I'm falling in love with this season's Jardins d'Hiver by Annie Faivre ... I think that's what it's called.

    Does anyone know if it a new design or a re-issue? I need to head to my local Hermès and have a look at this beauty in person.

    I especially like this colorway! :heart:

  2. I fell in love with this design as soon as I saw it. I have the red colourway on order. The black is stunning as well...

    I think it's a new design...
  3. La Van its an amazing scarf...I bought it in pink and I am not a pink person!
  4. Im waiting for one in pink too...and Im not a pink person too:p

    ok...its for my dd who was born in the year of monkey.
  5. I just got mine today. It's pink, and I love it
  6. It was lust at first sight for me too. I can't decide between the black and the sage/aqua green colourways:heart:
  7. Very beautiful print!
  8. It's a gorgeous scarf, La Van. I don't see how you can resist the lure of this one:p. I saw and I brought it home! I like it in pink ... gives it a softer & dreamy feel about the whole conservatory. And I like the monkeys standing out. In darker colourways, the monkeys look lost.
  9. There are monkeys? thanks for pointing it out. I need to pay more attentions on the details
  10. It's a trademark if the designer. She puts a hidden monkey in all of her scarf designs.
  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous scarf!!!! I'm holding out for the same colorway, LAVAN!!!!
  12. I agree it´s gorgeous. Saw it in a thread in pink I think and it has some stunning details.
  13. I want this colorway aswell, they didn't have it yet last time I was at my store, but I asked my SA to hold one for me.....
  14. I'm really curious how it looks like IRL. I hope the colors look good on my skin tone when I try it on. Sometimes, you see a beautiful scarf colorway and then you try it on and it looks awful.

    I didn't realize Annie Faivre always has monkeys ... any reason?
  15. beautiful!! And the monkey piece is funny....joy - I had a scarf and didn't know there was a big huge horse in the pic so don't feel bad lol!!!