Oh my Tod's Snakeskin Zipper Clutch

  1. What do you guys think of this Tod's snakeskin clutch form their cruise 2008 collection?

    It's $1,350 and only a limited quantity and you can only get it through the Madison Ave boutique in NYC.

    Ah so its going to be one of those then!!

    Its definitely a fun clutch for spring but is a clutch really worth $1,350? Especially if it is in a bright turquoise. Imagine trying to carry it in winter??

    Plus I think its creepy that its made of snakeskin.
  2. Hmm, I'm split. I like to color...but not for that and the price IMO is too high. I am a fan of snake skin purses but not this one so much. I am a little iffy on the hardware detailing too.(I guess I'm not split anymore...I just don't like it.)
  3. Love the color, love the shape and I could probably carry off the snake skin in this clutch b/c it doesn't scream "snake".

    Are you going on a cruise? Will you have much opportunity to wear it? If so, then I think it's worth the money.
  4. No my plans for a cruise were cancelled :sad: but I don't really see this as a cruise clutch. I mean the only place to bring it would be to dinner or a show and its kind of bright for that.

    Plus the price is a turnoff for this clutch.
  5. I agree the price is a little out of my range for a clutch, but I'm not one to talk really. LOL! Last summer I bought a pink Dior clutch and a black Dior clutch and neither one have seen the light of day yet. But I know when the appropriate occasion arises, I'll be ready.

    Turquoise looks good with black, dark brown, white and red. Something to think about......
  6. true leelee turquoise is a great color and it goes great with brown but I think your Dior clutches would hold up nicer than this one. They are classic colors and will go with about everything. I don't really see this type of color being a clutch to pair with just about anything and any occassion or seeing this as a classic clutch you can pull out in a few years or so. If it was in black or something like that then maybe it will.