OH MY!! The new paddy Satchel is wowser!

  1. Its just gorgeous, oh no, I really want one!! :drool:


    its very reminiscent of the original saddle bag, only even better imo :heart:
  2. OOooh I love it too! I wish it came in black. Not that I can get it now but.... And what are those stringy things hanging down? I like them - are they supposed to be remniscent of Bbags???
  3. Wow Chloe-Babe...

    that's totally hot! And what a gorgeous color!! Are you going to get it?! :rolleyes:
  4. i promised myself after the spy bags that the bay would be my last purchase, but its not my fault that they bring out so many fab bags is it ;)


    would love to see it IRL, it looks really good
  5. The shape is interesting, but it almost looks like it's made of plastic to me! Where's the wrinkly pebbliness?
  6. i love how it hangs... :drool:
  7. OMG how can this be?????

    Thought my days of lusting were over for a while

    I NEED this bag
  8. i was about to post about this exact bag! it's so pretty. i wonder if it comes in different colors?
  9. sorry for the double post, but i *think* i saw this bag at the chloe store the other week, and it also comes in ecru, and i saw it in white at Saks...but i could just be mixing up my bags
  10. I kind of like the rounded bottom.

  11. That's exactly what I love about it...
  12. OMG! It's gorgeous! I wish I knew which colors it was coming in, I'm tempted to order it right now. OK, I am way too impulsive lol.
  13. Well, I called to ask and someone is going to call me back in the next 24hrs to let me know. :smile:)
  14. Yea yea about the bag, I want the wedgies that the model is wearing in the NAP picture. I want them bad.

    Blankety blank NAP they really know how to market their stuff.
  15. love it. love it too much...