Oh My Sweet Goodness! F/w Leather Is Tdf! Pics Of My New City!

  1. Since I'm too chicken poop and couldn't get myself to get a Tomato City sight unseen, I decided to take this opportunity and order the staple Black City. I figured with all of the rave reviews of the F/W leather it was the best time. And man did Kim from Balny pick out the perfect one for me!!!!:yahoo: The leather is soooooo smooshy, chewy and thick! Distressed with no veins. YAY to F/W leather!!!! :tup:


  2. :wtf: :drool: GORGEOUS!!! It is decided - I NEED a black bag from this season!!

    Thanks for sharing!! Enjoy your gorgeous new bag!
  3. wwwwwwWWWOOOOOW
  4. wow- very very nice. enjoy it!
  5. Love it!! You made an excellent choice!
  6. What a beauty! Congrats!
  7. BEAUTIFUL! Lovin' the gorgy leather... congrats:woohoo:
  8. that's so pretty. congrats!
  9. Enjoy, you can't beat the basic black and the leather is delish!
  10. Thanks for all your kind compliments ladies! :shame:

    Bags4Bubbles, this season is the best season, I believe. The leather is thicker and better than my Spring '07 Aqua (although I love her to death). And it's not crackly or thin at all. Very supple and silky.

    hmwe, I wish I could take photos like you. :flowers:
  11. Wiping the drool off my computer right now! OMG! That is gorgeous! Absolutely Gorgeous! Congrats!!!
  12. LOVE IT! The leather looks superb.
  13. You're sooo lucky - congrats! Thanks so much for the pics
  14. Outstanding leather! What an excellent buy for you. Are you still planing to get a Tomato as well?
  15. LOVE your new Black City!!:love: Congrats, Lordguinny!:yes::heart: