Oh my, St.Louis.... another reveal!!

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  1. I've been bored waiting for my other St.Louis GM--- in the meantime - i have been wanting to get hold of this classic color.. who's up for a reveal?:yahoo:
  2. ok ,ok.. i know its a saturday-- i'm sure everyone is busy this wonderful morning - it just so happened that Mr. Fedex rang my doorbell this morning -- and i'm now in front of my computer.. so here she is... introducing, my St. Louis PM...:happydance:

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  3. My next goal is to get it customized.... still working on color scheme in my head... but for now - this is it.. until my next reveal.. Have a great day everyone!

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  4. I think we are twins! Black with black?
  5. yes.- its black on black.. and its so funny - i have been in love with this brand just this year -- so i'm practically a newbie.. i dont even lurk around the LV/Chanel forums anymore. when i go to the mall - and just pass by the LV boutiques and Neimans.. but lately, i've been all about the goyard! i'm scheduled to get another one.. its just nuts! my DH just laughs at me...
  6. Congrats!!! I really like the black/black combo.
  7. Beautiful!!!
  8. Yay! Congrats!
  9. CONGRATS! We are bag twins!
  10. nice choice! i love the black on balck as well.
  11. very beautiful! congrats.
  12. A great classic! I would love a bag just like this. Congrats!!!
  13. Beautiful! Congrats on the St Louis--I love the black on black combo--just got a Fidji in that color combo. Can I ask you, how do the shoulder straps fit? I live up North and wasn't sure if the drop was long enough to wear over a winter coat . . .

  14. I gotta be honest with you... i think the straps are too short for a thick coat. But i think it all depends on your build. I have a big back and big arms - for 5'3. (lol) I'm wearing a t-shirt and i have to kinda shove it up my shoulders. So that's good that you got a fidji too! I have yet to receive my GM -- so i can't tell you how that one goes with a coat.

    But anyone, please give your opinions if i'm wrong with this one. :graucho:
  15. I'm not tiny, but not large either. Usually a size 10 depending on how it fits me in the bust. I would probably be an 8 if I had a normal size bust.

    Anyways. A PM slips easily on your shoulder with a light jacket - but I am going to have issues with a winter coat.

    I wonder if the GM has longer straps??