Oh my- part deux!!!! My ST. LOUIS GM......! She's finally here!!!

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  1. For those who remembered - i went to GSF about a month ago! I bought my ST LOUIS GM.... but left her since i had her customized ... and then came home only with my wallet.... well, she was finally shipped to me from GSF..
    Introducing .. my new ST. LOUIS GM! :nuts:

    ( i know you guys already know what she is.. but i still captured the entire box opening .. hope you guys dont mind.. ) :yahoo:
  2. i'm just taking my time... sorry.

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  3. (giggles..)

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  4. but.. i didnt stop there ...i figured that this set of stripes would go well if i was wearing earthy colors -- then i'd change my mind again depending on what i'm wearing.... so i decided to have "options" with this bag... and instead... did this...
  5. The famous.... GOYARD Logo in Metallic Silver paint.. placed on the other side of the bag... only so that i have options which way i wanna wear for the day-- etc.. i also didnt want it too busy with both logo + stripe on only one side. its just me.. Gaga and crazy for Goyard!!!!

    Thank you all! Btw -- my stripes were: BROWN, CREAM and RASPBERRY .. in case anyone cares to know.. Ryan from GSF took my call the ff next week to add the Goyard logo.. it measures - 5 x 8 cm..

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  6. [​IMG]


    LOVE the idea that you did stripes on ONE side and the logo on the other. Very clever.

    Can you tell me the color of the bag (bordeaux?) and the color of the stripes. Sometimes it is hard to tell on the computer.
  7. She is GORGEOUS!! Congrats.
  8. @maxter: its bordeaux GM.. stripes are : brown, cream and raspberry. its basically the 3 colors of the chevron dots on the bag itself.

    Thanks! im glad u like... :biggrin:
  9. How exciting!! She turned out absolutely perfect and I love the versatility of the stripes on one side and the classic logo on the other! CONGRATS!!
  10. i love it! the personalization on your new bordeaux GM is so cool! congrats :yahoo:
  11. woohoooo! congratulations!!!!
  12. Love it! Thanks for sharing some photos with us. :smile:
  13. YES! I really like it. I want a white GM for next summer and have just started toying with the idea of stripes. I like your idea of stripes on just one side.

    Now I just have to decide on the colors.

    You did a fabulous job!!!
  14. It's splendid; your choice of customization is fantastic.
  15. Thanks everyone....... You guys made my day! sometimes, i keep staring at it.. and gets lost in the Chevron pattern. lol. i do love the Goyard logo..... so i HIGHLY recommend it if anyone is not sure if they want their initials on the bag....... ! and the stripes.. oh man, there's just tons you can do with them... it took me forever to decide. I"m glad they didnt throw me out of the store.. lol.