Oh my Oh my :) KOOBA RED ELISHA she has landed! :) yummmyyyy i love her

  1. :heart: :smile: shes here!!! :smile: My friend finally was about to pick it up for me at the amazing 50% off discount she gets @ her store AMAZING! :smile: so it was a birthday gift from my mom (she got it from my friend as her mom and my mom are BFF!)

    I am so excited shes really as amazing and more then i thought she would be

    i untied the knot to see how much bigger it made the bag and its a HUGE difference :smile: BUT i cant figure out how to retie it all nice haha!!! :sad: OOPS!!!

    but its ok it looks gorgeous with just a normal knot too plus now i know i can put more in it (shown in the pics!)

    SOOOO WITHOUT ANY MORE WAITING HEHE here are the picss!!!! :smile:

    I now get to join the red kooba elisha CLUB!!! :smile: how many of us have them!!!! there must be like 5 or 6 of us by now!

    so excited yaay

    thanks for looking:yahoo:

    OH and of couse modeling pics excuse the PJS!
  2. It's gorgeous Bessie. Just like mine! LOL I think it's one of the best Bags of Spring Koobas. That knot baffles me too. Anyone who has one, do you know what the knot is called that's used? There's lots of online sites on how to tie knots but which knot is it that gives it a rounded look?
  3. What a gorgeous bag!
  4. Congratulations, Bessie! Looks great:yahoo: I've been away this weekend and saw the Charlie and Nicole in Luggage and Ivory, but NO Red or Rose, disappointing...

    Glad you got it (especially with that amazing discount:smile:)
  5. Wow congrats! And what a steal! Haha I wanted to say your cat seems like its looking on in jealously that your attention is on something else, hahah
  6. I'm soooo jealous that I am not going to tell you the name of the knot!! :amuse: Ooohhhhhh, okay, then.....it's called a "sailor's knot", which is just like the knot that is used on their ties for their white uniforms. I know how to tie it, but I can't explain it, but I'll try.....take the left end and cross it over the right end so that you have equal lengths. Then take that same left end and flip it over the back side so that the left end is draping over the middle where the two ends crossed. Then take that same left end that is draping over and tuck it behind the hanging right end and then pull it through the loop that you just made. I don't know how else to explain it, but that is how you make the knot. Hope it works!!
  7. Yayyy for you Bessie! Enjoy the beautiful bag!!!
  8. Slush, your Elisha is beautiful! Don't you just love that wonderful petal like leather?

    I have her baby sister (and I mean baby), Bonnie in red. I plan to use her for going out to dinner this Summer.

    Bonnie may be only half Elisha's size but she packs the same wallop in the color department.
  9. V.nice. Looks like your cat was enjoying the fashion parade too.
  10. haha aw thanks everyone :smile: :party: :heart: :heart:

    Yes my cat was indeed jealous i had been in DC for like 3 days and he missed me terribly and was NOT happy that i cared more to take pics of my Elisha to show u guys haha then to pet him!! :smile: o well!!!

    COMPASS ROSE hehe I LOVE YOU!!!!!! :smile: hehe when i really wake up i am going to try it out!
    thank you thankk you

    LADYSALESREP i think the bonnie is sososso cute!! the red color is just so gorgeous and YES the leather is so soft and Where are the pics of your bonnie missy!!!! :smile: hehe i actually havent seen the bonnie in red before only the other colors !!! i thought about it cause i have so many big bags but i just know myself and i have to be able to shove a ton in my bag!

    its funny cause i had read a few posts i remember a little while back people saying they were disappointed cause the leather wasnt soft on the new kooba *i cant remember tho if they said the elisha specifically* but its sooooooooooooooooooo soft!
  11. I am using my red Elisha as well-it'm my favorite of the four Koobas that I have. I absolutely love it! Congrats on yours and Happy Birthday-great gift!l.:yes:
  12. Congrats on the bag, the color is beautiful!
  13. Thanks Rose for the knot. I found an illustration. Is this correct?
  14. Lexie!!!! I am soo darned dyslexic, I can't tell if that is right or knot! The illustration looks too complicated, as it's just a matter of starting out like you were going to make a bow, but just don't add the two loops to do it.

    I tried to follow my own directions and the knot came out perfectly.
  15. When I get home tonight I am going to get a scarf out and practice. I'd like to widen my elisha mouth but am afraid to undo it until I know I can re-do it.