OH MY MY Silver NPs!

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  1. Oh my goodness!:wtf: I just saw these on evilbay (NGG) and I love them!:love::love::love: has anyone seen them IRL or know where I could find these?? Price!? any info would be amazing!!! (yes I will likely break my ban:graucho:) (pic from NGG on evilbay)

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  2. Those are gorgeous!!!!!!!! I have not seen them before now.
  3. I believe CL BH has these... if not try madison...
  4. They are $770
  5. I think these definitely need to be seen IRL... Somehow this lighting 'dulls' it out, or is it just me?? I can picture them gorgeous under the sun though... :girlsigh: They would be fab under your AZ sun, bos! :graucho:

  6. CL Horatio has these and they are $770!
  7. ^^^ Okay I knew it was one of them that I talked to last week :P
  8. :nuts:WOW, WOW, WOW! Those are some serious stunners! :love: I haven't seen that color before. If I do see them in my size, they would have to be mine--I don't blame you for breaking a ban over these, boslvuton!
  9. Love them~just what I am looking for!!
  10. I actually really like these! I am deciding between these and greasepaints!
  11. Does saks carry these; or the greasepaints??
  12. ^^ the greaspaints... CL horatio carries the silver NP
  13. I love love love peeptoes!
  14. OMG I want those sooo bad now. I am trying to be good but I just cant seem to do it, lol
  15. Oh thank you thank you thank you NOE and ASHAKES!!! I just got back from my awful run (which is normally ok but jeez my allergies are CRAZY!) to see this WONDERFUL NEWS!!! I'm so excited, I'm definately stalking horatio (and every other CL boutique if they don't have them) tomorrow!:yahoo::yahoo: I'll keep everyone posted!