Oh my my my we've got a hot fire department!!

  1. Every year the fire department in our Seattle suburb does a fundraiser to benefit Jerry's Kids (muscular dystrophy).

    They strut their hotness on the main street downtown holding firefighter boots and collect a voluntary toll (donation) from you which you put in the boot.

    Oh MYYYY...today was the day:tup::tup:. I always pick out the hottest one and slip 'em a 20 :drool:.

    Makes a girl wanna call 911!!! :graucho:
  2. What, no pictures? I want proof!!!
  3. This thread is worthless without pics!! :graucho:
  4. ahhaahahaa, they did this in my city yesterday - but where I was there were no stud muffins!
  5. Yeah, around here they're all 50, overweight and bald.
  6. ummm OK you guys will just have to use your imaginations, sorry. And no I didn't flash the guy but it was tempting, LOL. :supacool:
  7. Lol darn I was looking forward to pics.:p
  8. Oh yeah, pursegrl - some of the HOTTEST firefighters live in Seattle area, I'm with you on that! Don't they do a calendar too?
  9. Aaah, such a story! Almost makes a girl want to call in a false alarm. (Just kidding! I would never do that! LOL)
  10. :drool: Wow. Where I live, there are no handsome firefighters or cops. I think I need to move to Seattle!!
  11. you're funny!!!!
  12. :girlsigh: You're torturing us Pursegrrl.. we need some pics (even though that one above is pretty hot :graucho:) lol!
  13. I live right next to a fire department! I can literally open my blinds and see them when they are outside... :graucho: