Oh my my my my my FIRST LV!!! !!!!!

  1. finally...after holding back for almost a year...I bought my first LV! I used my funds to get a Rolex first. Forgive me :roflmfao:

    Not my first time at LV boutique,but this is the first time I m getting some good service from the SA! I bought it at LV Taka,Singapore. Now,I have to thank you guys for helping me decide and I decided on a zippy coin purse:yahoo:! THANKS SO MUCH!:heart: U PPL!

    I saw the Damier Bastille there,now I feel like getting it next:p

    Now for the pics!!:woohoo:

  2. Nice! I really like this wallet. Congrats!
  3. nice 1. r u from singapore ?
  4. Yup...you got that right!:nuts:
  5. Yay !!!! Congrats !!!!!!!!!
  6. Congratulations! :smile:
  7. You're forgiven!!! Rolex is a good investment/purchase!!!! Congrats on your new LV wallet!!! It's very nice!! Hmmmm??
  8. Congrats! Enjoy!
  9. Grats from a fellow singaporean ;D
  10. Super cute! Congrats!
  11. Congrats, great choice
  12. congrats! enjoy your first!
  13. yay! congrats!
  14. Congrats!! I Love It. Hope To Get Mine Soon!
  15. Congratulations!