Oh, my...my heart stopped today

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  1. I got home and the concierge told me I had some pacakges. No big deal it's holiday time, I've been ordering stuff. I get about 5 boxes - J.Crew, Saks, Neimans, Kiehls and a plain box addressed to me from my fiance's office in NYC (he was in Paris for 3 weeks in Nov). No biggie...

    I get to the "mystery box" and open it....inside the most beautiful big, orange box, with that ever so lovely Hermes ribbon. Yes, Yes, Yes, I scream out loud and then I read a note from my Fiance' - DO NOT OPEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES - UNTIL X-MAS EVE:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Finally, I'm amongst the H-Girls. I'll post pics when I open it...wish me luck ladies, I've wanted a Birkin for a few years. He has a pic of the bag in his wallet to refresh his memory......
  2. That is so sweet. I'm so excited for you. Are you sure you couldn't just peek a little? lol
  3. How exciting!!!! Can't wait for you to open it!
  4. Omg I am excited!! Open it now, are you crazy?? Open it!!!!!!!!
  5. You must be busting at the seams!
  6. I want to, but I have self control ......:crybaby: not really....oh, gosh, it's gonna kill me. But it's nicely under the tree waiting patiently for 12:01am December 24th!
  7. Yep, I'd open it... I hate to suggest something underhanded like that but I don't think I could wait... he'll never know! :devil:
  8. how exciting! keep us updated:yes:
  9. Oh my. I couldn't wait. I'd open it then rewrap it. :shame:
  10. OMG, I've already opened mine....( my DH was ok about that ) but admire you your will power. Wow....whatever it is, it has to be fabulous!
  11. Yeah, it's not like there's wrapping paper that would have to be retaped! Hermes DESIGNED them to be peeked into!
  12. I say check it out -- you know, just in case it's not quite what you hope so he doesn't see the sad face if it's oh say something slightly other - you really need time to adjust you know.....
  13. How exciting and it's cute that your fiance has a pic in his wallet of your gift. So :hysteric: !!!!
  14. repeating over and over
    I will not succumb to the pressure. I will not open the box:cursing:
  15. I am loving this!!! Absolutely loving this!!!