Oh my! My first LV purchase

  1. My husband just convinced me to make my first actual LV purchase.
    I bought a speedy 25 from eluxury.com

    I'm so excited! :biggrin:
  2. congrats!!! woo hoo! i must say thats really nice of your husband to convince you on ur first LV piece! its such a great piece too!!! congrats!
  3. Congrats! That was my first piece also -- welcome to the evil addiction that is LV! heh heh heh
  4. what a nice husband. congrats!
  5. congratulations on your fantastic 1st LV. you're going to love it!
    and yes, welcome to your new addiction :rochard:
  6. congrat's, great bag!!
  7. Congrats! And you husband is definately a keeper!
  8. How exciting, speedy is my first too! Welcome!
  9. Congrats! Welcome to the Speedy club.
  10. Congrats!! Bear2002!...your LV cherry is broken! :shocked:...:yahoo:
  11. Congrats on your first ( and certainly not last) Louis Vuitton!
  12. Congrats..that's just the beginning..
  13. Congrats! And welcome to your new addiction :graucho:
  14. congrats.
  15. You will become hooked! Great piece to start off with!!