Oh my ...... My 2nd b-day gift is here!


Aug 9, 2011
So i had revealed 2 of my b-day gifts DH got me last week (#1 & #3). And finally, the one he ordered me is here today --- My first black Reissue . Only if i'm home 5 minutes late i will totally missed the UPS guy. I'm so glad i didn't.

DH doesn't get why i'm so into this bag, he don't like black purse for some reason. Neither do i know why, it probably have something to do with not having a 227. I can't think of a color i really like, and black seems to be a very safe choice for me. Plus i love gold hardware, hence this winner!

For those who have own a reissue 227, does the bottom looks fine to you all? The bottom cease fold on both sides have two "C shape" facing opposite to each other at both end. Not sure how to describe them, but here's the pictures.



No matter how many times i've seen, received this rather new package of the classics, my heart melts. It's one brilliant marketing decision they had made. It looks so luxury that i will totally buy some random classics just because of its box and dustbag! silly me. :lol:




I think i really need to be good for awhile after getting 10 purses in just a year. It might seems not much to most of you lovely Chanel tpf-collector. But i've truly maxed out my own quota. I need some serious restrain power! :whiteflag: