Oh my - lots to catch up on!

  1. I have not been on in about a week because we have been getting furniture deliveries and I have been trying to organize our flat and get ready for some visitors. I can't believe the new posts go all the way to page 4! I have a lot to catch up on! Our guests are coming to stay for 3 weeks beginning the end of this week and our computer is in the guest room, so I probably won't be on much during that time, either. I can't even imagine how many posts there will be after my guests leave!

    Anyway, hope all is well with everyone and off I go to catch up on all of these posts!

  2. welcome back, stars. that's what i like about the balenciaga sub-forum- we're a busy bunch!
  3. Same here! It's been an unusually crazy week at work (that's where I usually spend most time here :lol:). Been logging in here and there for a minute but need *lots* of catching up!

    Welcome back!
  4. Welcome back! I've been busy, too , so I only pop in when I get a chance.
  5. Thanks for the welcome back!
  6. Hi stars, welcome back!!
    I find myself having to catch up on things even after 2 *days* of not being here! But don't worry, we'll help you keep up when you can join us again!! :smile:
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