1. First when I saw this I was :wtf:.... Then as I looked closer I felt more like :throwup:.

    Now I see that it is so terribly bad than I can't help:roflmfao:. Geez.
  2. It's a GOACH!!!! ahahaahah I saw someone @ the nail salon a few weeks ago with one of these.... yucky!!!
  3. LOL...one time I was out at the mall with someone and I saw one, and said 'omg look!' and my friend misinterpreted it and said 'yeah I LOVE Gucci!!!!'

  4. I saw one like this last weekend at Kohl's but it was shaped more like a large Carly. So funny!!
  5. Some people are clueless! My friend bought a new (real) Coach purse and a relative said to her, "I like your Gucci purse". She was like, "It's a Coach, but thanks." I swear I wonder how some people are so dumb! How could you think a Coach "C" looked like a "G"?:shrugs:
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. Mamma Mia! Blecccch!
  8. OK, I actually think the style of the bag is kind of cute..... I'd buy it if they didn't use the knockoff fabric.
  9. Well, I guess Goach is right up there with Cucci! We've arrived!
  10. Oh wow! How ugly!
  11. A lady had one in the mall today...
  12. I wouldn't buy it for 4.99 let alone 49.99 :wtf::throwup:
  13. yeah for fifty bucks you could get a totally cute, REAL wristlet or a great find at an outlet! Yikes!
  14. It looks like a Coach and a Dooney & Burke had a counterfeit baby!

    FYI - D&B does have an leather bag in that style. It is pretty.