Oh my !!! Looks Like Lindsay Maybe Getting Married !!

  1. Bulletin: Harry Ready to Pop Question to Lindsay
    Posted Aug 31st 2006 5:08PM [​IMG]Could wedding bells be in the cards for Lindsay Lohan? Sources tell "EXTRA," that Lohan's boyfriend, Harry Morton, was spotted purchasing an engagement ring at Cartier in Beverly Hills.

    In a statement to "EXTRA," a representative from Morton's company, Pink Taco, says, "I can confirm that Harry was shopping in Cartier...but what he purchased I cannot confirm. If it was in fact a gift then that's between him and whomever the gift is for."
    Are these photos proof of Harry Morton set to make the biggest mistake of his life? The 25-year old billionaire was spotted at Cartier today allegedly purchasing an engagement ring. Is he gonna make a decent woman of Lindsay Lohan yet? Stay tuned....

  2. Hmmm, this should pose to be an interesting thread this weekend.
  3. Could this be the making of another long lasting Hollywood marriage?? lol
  4. i highly doubt it.:yes: :yahoo:
  5. Hmmm will this last longer then Brit's 55 hour marriage ? :nuts:
    Or maybe bud Nicoles sham of a marriage what was that about 3 months? :confused1:

    Or maybe Paris, it will never get down that isle:graucho:

    What a joke.Is he gonna make a decent woman of Lindsay Lohan yet?:roflmfao:

  6. Maybe he was looking at diamond hand cuffs...(Im mean cufflinks)
  7. wasn't she recently reported as saying something along the lines of. . . I've never had a real relationship and she can have w/ as many men as she wants but the men cannot have sex w/ anyone else?

    Poor Harry, hopefully he was shopping for a gift for his Mama!
  8. yuck.
  9. What's wrong with this guy that he doesn't want to date a WOMAN his own age.???? Yuk!
  10. Imagine her with babies?
  11. :roflmfao: NO!
  12. :roflmfao: You are correct!
  13. He could have been buying a bracelet or a necklace for his mom.....
  14. hmm.. doesnt sound right

  15. Maybe I was just wild in my youth, but I honestly think most people should wait until they hit 30 before getting married. I know that I was not in that mind frame until then.