Oh My! Linea Pelle Dylan bowler arrived...

  1. and it just melts into you when you pick it up! Its soooo deliciously smooshy and soft

    I :love: it!
  2. Don't you just love it??!!! It my absolute favorite bag right now! You got it in the midnight, didn't you? The midnight color is fabulous and absolutely goes with everything.
    Now I want the Quilted Dylan bowler in Whiskey!
  3. Congrats! I love this bag. Post pics when you can.
  4. Congrats!!:tup: I can't wait to see pics!! I want the Dylan Bowler or Tote really badly but I don't think it will eeeeeever go on sale...:sad:
  5. Ooh - please post pics when you can! I saw one (and felt it!) for the first time in a store last weekend - I'm in love! Hoping it goes on sale at some point!
  6. I just saw this after I posted my thread...I just ordered the same bag on Luna Boston. I'm glad to hear you love it. I look forward to getting mine. It was on sale for $236, so I'm pretty excited.
  7. yep, the midnight. Its a really great dark blue...totally a neutral. A couple of the brass hardware things have some dents (I think 3 of them) but it wont effect the bag's usage so Im keeping it. I could totally own this bag in a couple colors...its that comfy. Plus, it fits on my shoulder without sticking out far, so my arm is sticking out funny (like it did with the RM matinee I tried). If anyone is considering this bag, go for it!
  8. pictures, pictures, pictures (chanting)
  9. off to the kids Dr appt....I'll try to post pix this weekend of all my new goodies!
  10. joining in... :p
  11. I am so glad you like it.
  12. is this bag really heavy? or are linea pelle bags generally heavy cuz of the leather?

    post pix!
  13. ^^ No, I don't think its heavy at all,...but its not very big, maybe if it was the larger one it would feel heavy

  14. No way! This bag is super light when its empty; it weighs nothing. Of course, I put absolutely everything I can in mine, which in turn, makes it rediculously heavy!
  15. Sukey? Cooper1? Please oh please oh pleeeeeease post pics! :flowers: