Oh My Legacy Stripe Coin Purse Wristlet!

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  1. Wow I completely forgot that I was put on hold for it a few months back and it shipped today! I wonder how many they have in stock, if you're still looking for one you might wanna give them a call!
  2. i called the other day and there were none available...

  3. XD I feel bad because I forgot I was put on order for it and now I'm wondering if I should move on to a different wallet (I already have one but figured I'd get another while they were in stock) I dunno maybe I'll return in and maybe one of you gals will call in and get it!
  4. i am SO in love with that cute little thing! I am looking on eBay right now for one but no luck

    let me know if you do decide to return it... it would be nice to get one with the pce discount! (sure it wouldn't be back in stock by the end, but a girl can dream LOL)
  5. cool! i ordered one too so i guess i should be expecting it?
  6. yay!!! cannot wait to see it.
    its kinda like a suprise you forgot about.
    and maybe you will change your mind when you receive it.
  7. i just checked and mine left JAX yesterday. yay!
  8. Hoping mine will ship soon too - just checked and YES, on its way.
  9. How do you check?
    you guys placed these orders on coach.com?
    I placed them through the store to save money, but haven't heard anything =(
  10. I just called my SA and he ordered it for me no prob. Apparently they have some more in stock :smile: I got my PCE discount on it, so it ended up costing 69.00!! :smile:
  11. ^^ lucky ^^

    i didn't use the discount (even though i have the card)

    and about the tracking, i placed my order through CS and they gave me a confirmation number (i also got a confirmation of shipment email).