OH MY, I've Fallen Prey.. AGAIN!

  1. I came home, from school, for the long weekend and told my dad about the awsome Chanel sale.

    He was like "Wow, 40% off? It's so cheap, you should buy something."

    Than, I told him I was just a couple hundred dollars away from a classic flap purchase, and couldn't justify the purchase of both bags.

    I think he felt my sadness and said he'd buy me the classic flap if I went ahead and took advantage of the sale right now! I was like:
    :cry: :amazed: :blink: :P :yes: -> all those emotions in that EXACT order! hehe.
    So, I've done it. I called over 10 Saks' to find the bag I wanted..
    A LARGE Beige/Black tote.. just another addition to my cambon family. It will be packed, shipped, and delivered to me no later than end of next week!

    As for the classic flap, I'm still searching for the white OR black w/silver chain. Another update, w/ pix (& perhaps the classic purchase :smile: ) soon to come!
  2. rofl!!! spoken like a true Chanel addict =)

    now you have three cambon totes yea? nice!!
  3. Your dad sounds so sweet, will he adopt me? :P

    Do post pictures :amuse:
  4. What a wonderful dad you have. Congrats!!!
  5. lol YAAAAAY! Cant wait to see pictures, what a sweet papa!
  6. Yay. I have a large tote in the same colors on the way.
  7. Wow, that's sooo nice of your dad! Can't wait to see pics!
  8. haha your dad's so cute. i wish my dad did stuff like that. :smile:
  9. Aww, your dad is so sweet! Someone sounds like a "daddy's girl" to me. I have to admit, I'm a daddy's girl too - lol! Can't wait to see the piece to add to your beautiful collection
  10. Yay!!! that's awesome
  11. hehe. "daddy's girl." Yea, I guess.

    I :heart: my PaPa. hehe. SOOOOO EXCITED!
  12. wow!!!!!!! ur dad is so sweet!!!!! do post pics when u get ur bag!!
  13. congrats! :smile::smile::smile:
  14. your dad is awesome!!! congrats on your new chanel piece! cant wait to see pics!!!
  15. Wow that is so sweet of you dad. Can I borrow him? :P And congrats on getting another bag!