OH MY, it's JULY.....new bags here! ;)

  1. The most anticipated sale of the season is here! Come join the official NAP sale discussion thread and share your haul with us!
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  1. I'll be honest...I purposely didn't look at bags because I'm on a ban from buying any more purses this year. :smile: I stuck to the other accessories. I know they have MACs at $196, but not sure what colors are available. I believe the MACs and the Desire are the only RM bags that are part of the sale, but I could be wrong...trying to avoid temptation!!
  2. aww. these wishlists of our ultimately get fulfilled i think! i hope one pops up for you soon! : )
  3. SO cool! Snake emboss on this one looks awesome...your pic making me want one too:p

    Woa what a beautiful green...this color and the lining matches perfectly. Congrats!
  4. Thanks! I appreciate it! And that's great will power on your part... don't I wish I had that much for my diet! LoL
  5. summertime fun
  6. thanks, i still have to get used to it lol
  7. Eehlers, I love the shoes!! So gorgeous- I'm a big loafer-wearer myself and have been eyeing those very ones- are they comfy? What do you think so far?
  8. Also, my newest RM came yesterday- my Blood Red Forever Clutch that I was lucky enough to grab from the MyHabit sale (they only had 2!). It's a little bigger than a MAC, which I love, and the leather is super soft and supple, like RM's quilted leathers always are. I LOVE this bag and I'm SO happy I took the plunge on it!

    I included a pic with my Large Affair, for size comparison purposes.
    Forever Clutch 1.jpg Forever Clutch 2 .jpg Forever Clutch 3.jpg Large Affair and Forever Clutch Group.jpg
  9. I like them so far, though they aren't quite as comfy as I'd hoped. There's really not much, if any, arch support, so I definitely wouldn't wear them for a full day of walking. That said, they are nice and light, and I'd be comfortable wearing them for a day at work. And the gold is a distressed gold, so they aren't 'in your face' metallic, making them a really great neutral shoe. They are true to size - I wear an 8 and the size 8 fits just fine. If you are thinking of getting them, definitely hold out to find them on sale - I wouldn't, personally, pay full price for them.
  10. Woooo I spotted this beauty in your RM family photos! Love the colour and the emblem!
  11. Thanks Kiwi! I thought Blood Red might be too burgundy for me (based on descriptions from other Minkettes) before it arrived, but turns out it's a very deep true red- yay!
  12. I finally bought a MAM! I have a MAC, Swing, Affair, Flame, and a couple mini MACs but never a MAM until this beauty showed up at NR. The lighting in my room is terrible but this is a gorgeous dusty lilac MAM.
  13. Congrats on your first MAM! :smile:
  14. Love your new MAM! They are addictive! Congrats!
  15. Jet Setter from TJ Maxx...