Oh MY!!! I'm out of breath... dizzy with excitment. Baby SPY!!!!

  1. Yep... I went ahead and DID IT!!! :nuts:

    I purchased a brand new White Baby Fendi Spy from a PF member (waaaay before the MT shut down).... so now the funds have been transferred from Paypal and I'm feeling light-headed, dizzy, and excited.

    (Anyone else feel like this after a heavy purchase??) :shame:


    Sooooo..... now all there is to do is WAIT until it gets here... and then I'll post up pictures of my new Baby for everyone. I've even ordered matching Marc Jacobs Black/White Pumps to go along with my Spy for the perfect summer ensemble. Those of you in the shoe forum will recognize your contributions ;) to my choice.

    :blink: Now...someone tell me that I didn't make a mistake! :love:
  2. Congrats!! I can't wait to see the pics!
  3. It's a lovely bag, just in time for summer :biggrin:
  4. Remember to post pictures! =)
  5. Congrats, it's lovely!
  6. :biggrin:
    you BETTER post pics of the bag and shoes ON :smile:
  7. Lucky you ... it's a very cute bag and definitely a must for the summer! Congrats ... can't wait to see pics!

  8. Oh, I'll be sure to do that! Thank you for the baby spy ;)
  9. OOOHHH how lovely!!! Can't wait to see pics of both the spy and the shoes!! Congrats Lyn2005!!!
  10. Sooo exciting! Be sure to post pics!!
  11. Congrats!!! Please post pics!!!
  12. So you got that darling white baby spy? You're so lucky!!! I love that color!!! Congrats and post pictures.
  13. Congrats! I love the white baby spy. You made a super duper fabulous purchase.
  14. oh man, these girls are making me regreat selling it :sad:

    anyways, check your email :biggrin:
  15. Email checked!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: The baby Spy is now officially on its journey up here to Canada!!! :yes: