OH MY I would Die for these

  1. If I had $500 floating around a pair of these would be so mine!

  2. I second that. :heart: I have been dying for a pair of cowboy boots, but these are an even better alternative!
  3. What brand are they?
  4. ^ They're Coach... they just put them on the website very recently.
  5. (See the signature C's embossed in the leather?)
  6. Cute boots!
  7. ^ Call a Coach store that sells footwear - they'll ship it to you for free. I don't think these are even out yet in some stores (most don't get the new inventory until Friday), so you'll have a great chance there.
  8. I saw those boots in brown at Nordies this week. They are hot!
  9. Yeah I've seen them at some Nordy's too!
  10. Kiari!!!! :nuts: how are u dear!! <<waving!!>> :upsidedown: :flowers:
    remember when we had almost the same coach wish list!! :P
    OMG These are BeaUtIfUl!! :wlae:
    same wishes here :girlsigh:

    ooooooooh i didnt notice that till u said :lol: !! L:huh::huh::huh::huh:oovely!!:tender:
  11. Sexy! I want some COACH boots so bad! I almost ordered the Mary Anns (sp?) that came out last winter, but I bought two mufflers instead :sad: They were SO nice!
  12. These are SOOO hot!!

    I want the browns!
  13. i LOVE those...they said they are going to be doing some bags just like the boots, to be coming out in October (i think).
  14. Oh goodness, I want them soooo bad but cant afford them right now.