Oh. My. Holy. God.....

  1. I started work at a restaurant in my town yesterday, working as the cashier (more money than the waitresses get) and after my second full day there....I KNOW that there is no way on Earth or in Heaven that we are ready to be open to the public. NO WAY! I worked from 5 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon yesterday and the day was alright. It was a free day so only certain people who had tickets could come in and eat and their meal was free. Today we were open to the public.

    Lemme tell ya how messed up this operation is. When I got there today at 2, my boss, 2 cashiers and a waitress were all standing at the counter. My Boss, Jennifer, and the cashiers, Debbie and Carolyn, were trying to figure out a major boo-boo in the cash register and the waitress, Paige, who wasn't even supposed to be working today, was trying to figure out our debit/credit card machine that arrived late. I walk in, smiling, happy to be there, and I see the look on Debbie's face.....Jennifer looks at me and goes "Are you ready for this?" I say no and go and clock in.

    I'm there maybe 5 seconds before people come to me saying "When is our food gonna get to our table?" In a little while, I'm sure. "Well we've been waiting a solid hour for our food." So I go back to the kitchen to find out what's taking so long.....damnation, no one knew what they were doing. No wonder it was taking an hour to get food out.

    The cooks didn't know what came with the orders. For example: A Country Fried Steak Dinner comes with Mashed Potatoes and a Side Item. I have a lady come in and order the CFS Dinner with Potato Wedges ($6.95 for the meal). I open it up to check and see if it's right, no Mashed Potatoes. So I go back to the kitchen and say "THE COUNTRY FRIED STEAK DINNER COMES WITH MASHED POTATOES!" I had to yell over the roar. The cook, who is the night manager, not supposed to be cooking, looks at me and says "Oh does it? I don't know what comes with what." I'm standing there like You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I look at her and say "Yeah it does. I need an order of them right now. The lady is out there waiting, ready to go home." So, thank God Frida (the night manager/cook) is understanding. She gave me the "Mash. Pot. and G" before I left the kitchen.

    Had a man wait an hour and 45 minutes for a to-go order. I apoligized and apoligized....I felt terrible for him. Cause you could tell he'd been working all day and just wanted to bring a little dinner home to the wife and kids.

    Had more people than I can imagine just get up and walk out. I had one man come up to me and throw his tickets down and he said "I'll be damned if I pay for this." And walked out. Had another guy bring me 3 tickets in one hand and hands them to me, and the 4th he has in the other and he says "These are right, but this one, she didn't order this, she ain't eatin it and I ain't a paying for it!"

    You cannot mean to tell me that Jenn thinks we're ready to be open to actul paying customers.

    Like, aren't the waitresses supposed to use the same abbreviations? IT WOULD HELP ME ALOT! I'm standing there 5 minutes on each ticket trying to figure out what in the hell they've written down. I have to ask the customers what they had to eat! Makes me feel like an idiot. On top of that they keep changing prices on me. I walk in this morning and 5 prices dropped and 10 were raised.

    Bless her heart, I had one waitress that tried to add up her tickets for me...she didn't add them up right, but at least she tried.

    And then, Jennifer's family comes in at 9 oclock after we've locked the doors and sit down and want food. Sorry. Come in before closing like regular people. Jenn's husband did. This is her Mom and Step Dad. Give me a damn break. No exceptions. Sure, Sandy (Jenn's Mom) called and said "I'm comin in with 8 people." And then it was an hour before she showed up.

    I got off at 9 but couldn't leave till 930 because, by law, if you're under 18 you get periodical 30 minute breaks....I got 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 breaks. How many? Z.E.R.O. Yeah. So I clean up and glance into the kitchen and it's still a friggin mad house....finally I clock out and go to my car and drive across town to Sonic to eat, because I haven't had a bite of food all day and I go to Sonic simply because I can't stand the sight of my work place anymore. I order and drive home and when I come home, my Mom meets me at the door to hug me and I bust out crying. I sat in the floor, rocked back and forth on my heels and cried like a baby.

    Had a cook come up to me and say "What do I have to do to quit?" I tell her to take off her name tag and apron and to go talk to Jenn. She looks at me and says "I've been in the restaurant business 15 years and I have never seen the kinda **** that's going on back there. It's messed up." She says "I have had it!" And walks out.

    There is so much that happened today and I tell ya, I'm so tired I don't think I can sleep.

    And the stupid thing is they didn't give the cashiers a stool or anything. I'm on my feet for 10 straight hours. I need a stool. I got bad knees and a really bad leg, I need a stool.

    We ran out of money for change....we ran out of food. I don't think we'll be opening in the morning. Thank God I don't have to go back until Wednesday.

    Sorry about this long drawn out post. I needed to get this all out of my system.......

    This is me ---------->:wtf: I do not exist in the world. I have no feeling below the hairline.
  2. Wow. I'm sorry you had such a horrible day. I'd be stressed out too! I find it almost unbelievable that they're even thinking about opening like that. The place will go out of business in no time (not that I'm wishing it does, but such horrid coordination isn't going to cut it).

    I hope you have a better day Wednesday. A big hug!
  3. Hahaha, it's kinda funny. My boss called this morning and said that we weren't opening today. No food for starters, lota people quit. She said we'd probably close on Sundays from now on too.
  4. Wow - I never heard such a thing...I remember about a real life show "the Restaurant" or something like that...I think it"s off air...but anyways I'm sure that you will find something else because this place does not sounds like a restaurant ready to run anytime soon..good luck
  5. It sounds like a horrible place to work at. Do you have to work there???? Can you look for another job? With all the stress your family is under with worrying about your dad do you really need a job that is just so crazy? I mean a job should be a place you like going to and feel like you in some way are working with people who know what they are doing. It really sounds like this is not worth it. I know you are sweet and will probably do more than what is expected of you but your college courses are starting and you will have so much homework and things to do that to me this is just too much stress. I also think being on your legs for that many hours is not great. Have you thought about looking for another job? If you are crying after you come home from a job that is not a good sign.
    Good luck Missy.
  6. Ya'll are so right. And yeah, if I want to get that new car, if I wanna buy gas to get back and forth to school in the crap car I've got now I gotta have this job. We just weren't exactly prepared to open. I like working there. I like the people I work with. We just weren't ready. Yes it was very stressful...I'm waiting for my boss to call me back. Hopefully we're going to remain open for good....but we all need more training. We had (on the register) 30 mintues of training. The waitresses had an hour. We WERE NOT READY!