Oh My Goth !

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    Before marrying and divorcing Marilyn Manson, Dita was previously known as University High School student Heather Sweet. It's amazing what some black dye and 400 pounds of pancake makeup can do!

  2. Wow! What a difference!
  3. WOW! what a transformation!

    Haha - excuse me, but Heather Sweet?! Could her name get any more innocent? LOL
  4. Wow, what a difference! She looked like the head cheerleader/homecoming queen type back then...
  5. No offense but, I don't find her attractive at all.
  6. I actually think she was prettier as a blonde, but she has to have her gimmick to succeed in the business she's in. And regardless of how inherently beautiful or not beautiful she is now, she is ALWAYS 100% "done", pulled together and polished. There is never a hair out of place or a nail chipped. That is HUGE part of her appeal.
  7. Haha I saw that picture on tmz but didn't click to find out who it was. I thought "oh that's easy, it's Kristen Bell." Woops.
  8. Wow. I never would have guessed she was a blonde.
  9. Just goes to show what a little (er.. a ton) of makeup can do!
  10. My thoughts exactly. She is always perfect looking too...
  11. You're so funny!
  12. I think her look is pretty cute and obviously retro. I don't think she is a beauty either way, but she's got some sort of sex appeal.
  13. She looked so pretty as a blonde!
  14. I kinda like the "before" better ... She looks too much like Rumer Willis for my liking.
  15. That pic would have been approx 1990. She is 35 yrs old.