Oh My Goshhhhhhhhhhhhh Sale

  1. WHATT???? so i get a call this morning and MARC JACOBS HAD THIS CRAZY SALE AT THE NYC SPRING STORE FOR ALL BAGS $150!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank GOD i got a hold of my friend and she snatched something up for me!!! ITSSSSSSSSS GORRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG...FOR 150!!!

    will try to post pics...
  2. I'm going to SF in a bit, wish me luck!
  3. That's incredible! What'd you get? I'm officially depressed now...
  4. OMG!!! that is crazy! To bad I am no where near a MJ store.
  6. :hrmm: Hmmmmm...$150.00 for ALL BAGS?...Wondering what they've got? Has anybody tried calling (I can't right now)?:blink:
  7. its the wonder for $150 @ Mercer. just called.
  8. only the wonder!
  9. Bummer! only the wonder...sniff....You gave me a heart attack!LOL!
  10. Like my grandma always said...if it sounds to good to be true!!!!

  11. harlem_cutie, do you know what colors?
  12. the SA Didn't say but that is the only bag on sale and the other NYC store has no bags on sale.

    The # for Mercer St is 212-343-1490
  13. There were 2 bags the wonder in spearmint and the pushout? some small evening type bag in spearmint. I called LA, no bags on sale there
  14. Somebody call and report back what they have!!

  15. NO NOT ONLY THE WONDER! ITS ALL THE BAGSSS! i think whats left right now is the wonder. my friend was able to get me something else. how do I post on this site?
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