Oh my gosh....

  1. I think I bought the wrong color powder foundation:shrugs: I recently replaced it(like 2 weeks ago) and I took a picture of myself today, for the first time since buying the foundation...and I think I look too pink:sad:. Im wondering if its the color of the foundation, or if I just put too much blush on?? BUT, I dont put blush all over my face, just on my cheeks! Maybe the blush is "falling" onto other parts of my face? Maybe I just put too much foundation on(trying to cover those PMS zits lmao!):shrugs:

    Im worried Ive been running around looking like the Pink Panther for 2 weeks!
    Should my face color look so different from my neck color? Gosh, Im so clueless when it comes to make-up(even though I :heart: the stuff)! Ladies! Help! :s

  2. lol, pink panther. I don't think so, I think your skin looks great. Actually, your skin looks really great to me. Perhaps it's my monitor, but you don't look too pink to me at all. You look beautiful. :tup::yes:
  3. LOL @ your post. I agree that your skin looks great! You don't look pink at all, and your make up looks very natural. You have awesome skin!!! :smile:
  4. I don't think you look pink in that pic...you look good! :biggrin:
  5. You do have fabulous skin...no doubt!! I see what you mean that you are a TEENY TINY darker in your face..but it looks totally natural...really. There is no obvious line, if it makes you uncomfortable just go down a shade...but I think you look great!
  6. You look like a model---very beautiful and your face looks very natural--like you have no makeup on. I think the makeup is fine for your complexion....the color is perfect.
  7. I agree w/ the others- also, what about using some finishing powder lightly if you are worked about the slight difference you see in your jaw/neck area?
  8. What foundation do you use?? I use BE and as I was getting ready today I thought of you as I was putting on the setting powder that kind of tones things down for me...( I still dont think you need it...Im only suggesting it to be helpful if you feel to pink and not happy...)
  9. Nope, not too pink to me! :tup: You look really great!!
  10. It does look a tiny bit pink, but not enough to change shades IMO...

    ps- I looooooooove your Legacy scarf :girlsigh:
  11. You're not pink enough! what are you talking about! Could barely even see the pink blush.
  12. I don't think you look too pink at all.
  13. Thanks everyone! It feels good to have someone else's opinion besides my SO who knows NOTHING about makeup! lmao I really thought I looked like I'd been sitting in the sun lol. But, as I was taking off my makeup this evening, I was thinking...I wonder if the zit cream I use at night(its an all over cream) is making my skin a little more red than normal. I didnt use it tonight, so we will see how my face looks tomorrow. Anyway, thank you:flowers:

    I use L'Oreal True Match powder. Do you think the BE setting powder would work OK with True Match? I really love the foundation, and would hate to change, but this setting powder you speak of sounds great!

    Thanks!!! My Secret Santa sent it to me!:nuts:

    I dont think I will be changing colors, I went today to see if there was another color closer to my skin tone, and I just dont see one:shrugs:
  14. ^ Yeah, it's nothing to change colors over IMO. I never would have noticed it if you hadn't pointed it out and your skin looks great with whatever you're using!

    I think sometimes the lighting or the flash just does weird things to skintone in pics :shrugs:...
  15. Take a mirror outside and look at your face in natural light- that'll give you a better idea of whether the colour suits you. I think you look great in the picture!
    i used too much tinted moisturiser the other day- I arrived at work and someone said- ooh you look like you've got a tan!!!! Oops!