oh my gosh! oh my gosh!

  1. ok sorry lol, hyperventilating a tad. I jokingly edited my signature wish list to add 'chanel' a few weeks ago. I love chanel, more than any high fashion handbag, but only have my LV cabas piano and a small (SMALL think pouch) white leather burberry. Well under the tree was a small box, inside a pen sketch of 2 c's interlocked- a sign of love for me ;)

    well it hasnt arrived yet but will hopefully this week- a chanel bag for me. I'll post pics when its here (with my new canon powershot camera hehe)

    :smile: off topic but also got a new bed and vanity (Ethan Allen- yay) and a pair of sketchers for gym. So Im super excited by my haul hehe

    (we open presents christmas eve so we can go to church christmas day and then sleep LOL)
  2. NICE!congrats!!
  3. sounds like you're having a wonderful x'mas :yahoo:
  4. Conragts!
  5. Enjoy your gifts...Happy Holidays...
  6. congrats plainandsimple~ who was the secret santa that got you the chanel gift?
  7. my mom :smile: she actually is not a bag person(she carried her merino orlandi for 10ish years before I got it) but understands designers etc.

    when I get something new, she usually says "I shouldnt have read vogue when I was pregnant" LOL

    shes awesome tho, we just bought our first Hermes scarves this winter and we share eachothers.....she also funds the horse and riding, and is a wonderful person- all in all a great mom :smile:
  8. Your mom is so sweet. I think it's great you both share some similar interests - eg in H scarves! Do post pics when you finally unwrap your surprise gift! Happy holidays!
  9. What an awesome mother you have!!! Not only does she buy you fabulous presents, but she is also thoughtful!!! Congrats on your new Chanel and all your other gifts.:tup:
  10. Aww. What a fantastic Mom! Your post is giving me the warm fuzzies in my heart :smile:
  11. congrats....can't wait to see pics!
  12. should be here by Friday :smile: So long to wait lol
  13. Congrats. Looking forward to seeing your pictures. What wonderful presents you received.
  14. Yay! I'm excited to see the pictures!
  15. OMG!!! You totally scored!!! Congrats!!!