Oh My Gosh - New Legacy Line!!

  1. There probably has already been a thread on this but I didn't find it just searching quickly! I love the Legacy line... and it is going to be updated. I saw the Coach Look Book and launching on October 1 will be all sorts of great bags... in tobacco suede, a metallic color, black, signature and a cogance. They are all the old vintage signature with updated hardware and turnlocks. Some look very much like the Legacy Flap bags... (I have one I use as my work bag!) They are beautiful! Does anyone know what I am talking about and/or have any pictures! I love them and will be ordering on September 1!!
  2. Piiiiccctttuuurressssss
  3. Someone! Anyone! Pictures please!?
  4. All this love but no pics! :shrugs: I can't wait to see it though:yes:
  5. This sounds pretty!! Cant wait to see pics!
  6. I know... sorry! I couldn't get ahold of the Look Book in the store.
  7. you can only see it, you can't take the book home!! i wish, it would be so lovely to have, but it's the store's copy.

    but they are coming out in October, and you can order it beginning the first of September.
  8. They sound delicious!
  9. Will there be leather and signature bags, or just signature?
    I lovelovelove the legacy line, so looking forward to an update!
  10. I want more info and pics too!
  11. this is a part of the book that i was talking about in this thread...if you go to the store they have the book and you can see the different styles of the bag. the bags themselves aren't in stores yet, but you can order some of the items in the book now, others Sept. 1 and others are in the winter collection, so probably Nov. 1 or so.
  12. I've seen the wirebound book but have never flipped through it. I saw it at the COACH store. I wonder if they will let me see it this weekend. :graucho: