OH MY GOSH!!! it's 100% fake!

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  1. In the morning, I picked the mail from the mailbox, I saw an Alloy catalog and I thought it would be cool to check out something cool. But I find one thing was totally fake!!! Dior! Gaucho Bag!! I can't believe that they are actually selling some fake designer bag! Omg.... So ugly!

    Check out alloy.com
    Item Number:CK4A8110
  2. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. -shrug-
  3. Tons of sites do that. At least they're not claiming it's made by Dior.
  4. I know! But they look exactly as dior bag! I will call Alloy to stop send me any more catalogs!!
  5. Well yeah but its not really a fake. Theres a difference, thats what they call an "inspired" bag because theyre not claiming it to be Dior.
  6. ^^^exactly
  7. [​IMG][​IMG]
  8. It seems similar to Lush who have 'inspired bags' these don't offend me in the same way fakes do :smile:
  9. I think inspired bags are great because they aren't fakes, so people aren't paying up the butt for the bags that are poorly made. It gives the girl without much money a chance to get her hands on a beautiful trend.
  10. LOL...that's pretty funny! Today I was at target and saw a cosmetic bag in black nylon w/ a triangle logo just like Prada.
  11. I have to agree with people here - inspired is not the same thing as fakes although I personally wouldn't buy one. I will have more respect for somebody that buys a $40 inspired bag and rocks it, than somebody who buys a $40 LV fake and think they're all that. Inspired bags are okay so that people that can't afford designer goodies also can get a nice style on their bag, but fakes are just wrong.
  12. For those who cannot afford a real gaucho. Its a really good 'inspired' bag. ;)
  13. I know that "inspired" bags aren't 100% fake but if saw someone wearing this you would think the person is wearing a FAKE GAUCHO!!! I don't really see the difference between "inspired" bags and fake bags :sad:
  14. I agree, I think that the only difference is that the fakes have the brand on them, but from afar people are still being deceived.
  15. Carly I am sooo proud of you honey! This is my 12 year old daughter...isnt she fab! :smile:
    :heart: YOU!!!!!
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