Oh My Gosh, I'm ecstatic...my boyfriend just gave me the go ahead

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  1. ON GETTING MY PADDY!!! My heart is beating so fast right now. I've never had this "must have" feeling about another bag before. I am in total shock. He's never understood my love for bags, plus he just got me the medium Gucci Horsebit hobo for my birthday...and I thought $750 would be the most he would ever spend (not in general, just on a bag). I mean, he has gotten me expensive jewelry and things like that....

    I have to catch my breath...Be right back
  2. Which one are you getting - do tell!
    How exciting!
  3. Yay!! I'm so happy for you!
  4. That is great news, congrats! What color are you getting it in?
  5. Congrats! I love it when boyfriends cave in ;)
  6. Ok, well that is what you guys are here for, because I'm not that much "in the know" about the different styles.

    I'm in love with the whiskey color, but I need to know from you girls who have it already....I saw on LVR, that there is a hobo style, and then the regular satchel style. Will the regular size fit comfortably over the shoulder?

    And I know a lot of people here have commented on how heavy it is...but do you actually get "sore" from carrying it?

    Is the Whiskey color even available yet?
  7. I can totally relate to your excitement; you just sound so incredibly happy.

    Are you ordering in the US?

    I know that my local Nordstroms has/had whiskey, cream, and another color (maybe the new Choco with reddish undertones) in stock. Just let us know if you need phone numbers for any "in stock" stores - I am not sure if you were going for it now, or wanting to get on a wait list??

    Either way - Good luck and congrats for the great news.
  8. The satchel style fits comfortably over my shoulder. I've heard less than enchanting things about the hobo style...that it's heavy and that the shape isn't as nice as the satchel.
  9. Congratulations! Tell your boyfriend that he is amazing and very thoughtful.
  10. Congrats congrats!!
  11. Yes, I'm leaning towards the satchel, I love the shape on the part where the handle connects to the bag.

    Ok, so I'm looking at bergdorf's. Was there a price increase for the new year or something?, or does different places have different prices.

    Does anyone know where the Chloe boutiques are in the city? (NY). I want to start comparing prices and stuff. I am so excited, and I just can't hide it.
  12. Thanks, I am in the states (NY). So I guess it would just be a matter of calling around then right? For some reason, I just thought that since Bergdorf.com or LVR.com doesn't have them, then nobody would
  13. Oh no, you can get one.

    Here is the info for the Nordstroms here in Colorado that had them 2 weekends ago; there is no reason to think that they still don't.

    Nordstrom Park Meadows (#34)
    8465 Park Meadows Center Drive
    Littleton, CO 80124
    (303) 799-3400
  14. Always nice to get gifts :biggrin:
  15. Congrats! Enjoy your paddy!