oh my gosh I just bought a twiggy!

  1. I've been set on a first. Absolutely set on getting the first when I saw the most gorgeous Twiggy on eBay and impulsively clicked the BIN! I don't even know what went through my mind lol Do you think I made the right choice? Also could you help me with a quick check on authenticity before I PayPal the money? I know this seller has been mentioned before, but I'd like to just double check :rolleyes:

  2. wow, congratulations jdy324 :smile: ...that's a gorgeous color & an amazing price too!!!
  3. Thank you!! I still can't believe I'm going to be it's new mommy. lol :love:
  4. awe, you're so cute!!!...the twiggy was my 1st b-bag :heart: too...she's so lucky to be going to such a good home :smile:
  5. wow, congrats! it looks really amazing. it looks auth to me, but i'm deferring to the experts.
    BIN can be so evil! i did the same thing for my pewter city a while ago. :shame:
  6. good deal! looks authentic to me :smile:

    I got a new bbag today too! yay! :yahoo:
  7. no worries, i've been told by the girls on this forum that the seller is legit!!!
  8. :love: its beautiful! i totally love this colour! and I'm so happy that you are the proud owner of this beautiful twiggy!!!! cant wait for you to get it!!! congrats!!!!
  9. Oh your pewter must be lovely!! BIN IS evil! I wanted to wait and think about it but I knew I couldn't...so what do you know I pressed that darn button anyways! lol

    Yay!!! New BBag day!!! and I love that smilely. it makes me happy every time I see it :yahoo:
  10. jdy, what a great find!!! congrats!!:smile: it's a beautiful color!!! Post pictures when you get it!!!
  11. Congrats! You got a great deal:smile:
  12. so it was you! what a great deal, you deserve it - congratulations!
  13. oh wow! i love the twiggy size, and u can fit lots and lots in it! congrats!
  14. I love that color and you got an awesome deal! Looks good to me, but I'll let the experts step up. You must post pics when you get it!
  15. Thanks everyone! I'm so excited -- especially after that last issue with the superfake. I'll be sure to post plenty of photos when it arrives no worries about that now! ;)