Oh! My! Gosh!! I have > 8,000 posts!!!

  1. :shame:

    I just noticed!:lol:
    I'm embarrassed to be honest but didn't want someone else pointing it out!:P
  2. Woo hooooooooooo, now THAT'S impressive!!

    Cheers to you, Swanky Mama!!
  3. hahaah so is there anyone out there who has more than you?
  4. haha! you beat me to it Swanky, I was going to mention it in the Chanel forum but then I toodled over here before I could comment.

    Congrats! That's an impressive number!
  5. Lol..but you're a mod also..so you shouldn't be embarassed ;)
  6. Impressive! Congrats Swanky and thanks for keeping the forum so clean!
  7. Well done Swanky!!
  8. LOL! It IS embarrassing!

    Cristina had a buttload. . . I'm going to look!
  9. Crud, Cristina has 6,357
  10. LOL. no one else comes close eh?
  11. The #1 poster!
  12. WOW!!!! Thats amazing...
  13. Wow!!:nuts: I feel special just having 300.:lol: Congratulations!! :yahoo:
  14. You post whore! :PWe love you! Congrats on 8000!:yahoo:
  15. wow that's crazy!
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