OH MY GOSH!! I got a letter.......

  1. I just received a hand written letter from ANNIE FAIVRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    I've never been soi excited in my WHOLE LIFE!!! This is better than the birth of my children!!!!! (just kidding.........no.....really....).

    I wrote to Hermes a while ago, and submitted some scarf designs :shame: (more on that,later)...and I also expressed my LOVE of Annie Faivre, and her designs...and this afternoon I recieved a LETTER from Mme Faivre herself!!!!!!!

    Jezuuuz.....I'm so excited...I haven't even read it propoerly, yet....I'll get back to everyone in a few........:nuts:
  2. GF, How very exciting!! You must share all the details!!!
  3. wILL
  4. Will you consider writing a letter to Mr. Lau?
  5. OMG how exciting!
  6. Ok, she thanks me for the compliments (I think I may have GUSHED!! LOL!!). She says she is a very happy Grandmother! She lived in the 1950's in West Africa for 11 years - a large inspiration of her work. She studied Fine Arts, and then designed for a company (Calisti) on their silk projects. 27 years ago she had a "Rendez-vous" with Hermes that changed her life. She says every scarf is an adventure, and a history. She thinks Hermes is the best company (we have a lot in common, it seems!) They are so nice with their Artists, and every day for her is working and learning with pleasure and she enjoys it a lot!

    She has invited me to keep in contact! I have a new pen-pal! Annie Faivre!

    Man....I'm so thrilled!
  7. Hey P...I can text message him...I've got him on speed dial - LMAO!!
  8. GF -- this is a wonderful development. Perhaps Mme Faivre could be your mentor.
  9. OMG, how exciting! I'm so happy for you. It's great to finally read something wonderful about large companies and how they treat their employees. Especially these days.

    Enjoy your new penpal. Time to bring out the Crane paper (j.k.)
  10. ahh that's so exciting GF!!! What a great penpal to have!
  11. soooo exciting
    what a lovely lady to reply your letter?
    DO keep in touch with her GF~well done
  12. By the way - RENCONTRE OCEANE to be re-released (in different colourways) in the near future...I got this info on a nice, Hermes Paris letterhead!!
  13. Wow GF!!!! How exciting!!!! :woohoo:
  14. WHOA!!!!!! GF!!! This is SO EXCITING!!!!!!!! omg.....I think if it were me on the receiving end of such an incredible letter I'd be on the MOON!!!!!!!

    hey..........hold on here for a little minute, Missy.........I thought I was your new pen-pal......:huh:

  15. Oh D - you know you are, really.......and I love the way, after reading your correspondence, I can roll it up and have a puff!