1. Holy cow....I am so excited I could just bust! A few days ago I found a lovely Truffle City that I was looking for...brand new (I should get it on Monday) and just a few minutes ago I found an Anthra City in new condition......and DH looked over my shoulder and said "Get it"! :love:(I obliged, of course....) :shame: now I am on definate purse ban....for a long time!

    Still need a red one though......:ban::ban:
  2. YAY ... I love Antrhacite! Can't wait to see photos of your new bags! (And DH sounds perfect).
  3. Yeah, he's a keeper!!

    Congrats on your new bags
  4. Congrats on your new bags, can't wait to see some pics!
  5. Can you have your husband talk to my husband about bbag? :idea:
  6. congrats on your finds! can't wait to see pictures.
  7. Congrats! Isn't that so great when you find what you've been looking/lusting after? And your DH is a sweetie - he knows what makes you happy!

  8. Me too! :lol:
  9. when it rains, it pours! i'm still looking for my perfect red bag, too. good luck in your hunt
  10. Anthracite ROCKS!!! The Truffle is gorgeous too, but, I have the Anthracite, so, that ones better!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Congrats!! Nice DH BTW - If that were MY DH, "get it" would only have been the start of his sentence. The rest would have been, "and I'll kill you" :roflmfao: Shhhh, that's why they are all in hiding under the bed!!!
  11. i love those 2 colors!!!!! i now have the truffle work (of course this is easy to find hehe) and as for the anthracite, i probably won't find that anymore in either the Work or the Courier style.....but it'll still be one of my HGs hehehe. someday maybe they'll make anthracite again!
  12. Thanks everyone.....I know that I am lucky that DH indulges my obsession! But I must behave now....he bought me a Black city and a white city in June while we were in New York, then in July I got a truffle coin purse, then last month I got an Ocean City, now a Truffle City and Anthra City......YIKES!

    Guccilove - Real Deal Collection has an Anthra Work with GH that's still available....pretty bag! :graucho:
  13. oooh you're so lucky to find an anthra city! I'm still looking/waiting for a city or work rh to pop up! cant wait to see your pics! congrats!
  14. Congratulations! Anthracite is so great!! I know exactly how you feel. My anthra City was my second bbag. I wanted it so badly after seeing PFers' pictures. I went through a huge hunt to find it -- about 15 phone calls and a wrong (plomb) bag -- but I finally found it.

    And how great that your DH encouraged you!
  15. Congrats on finding your HG, G&G!!! :yahoo::yahoo: Truffle and anthracite are both gorgeous colors. Please post pics of your city collection when you get a chance. :smile:

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :lol: Purse, you are cracking me up tonight!! My side is hurting from laughing so much!!