Oh my gosh I cant believe I just did this! Ali on ebay

  1. I dont know what came over me. I dont even know if I like this bag!!! and I've never purchased anything this expensive on eBay before!! I hope its authentic. It appears to be, and she has 100% positive feedback. She accepted my best offer of $275. I know they were cheaper at the outlet, but I dont ever get there so...I was looking all day to buy something on eBay, and I wanted something in tan, no ergos were looking good to me, and wham here I am! Honest opinions please!

  2. Honestly, of my 10 bags...my ali is my absolute favorite. I almost didn't get it. I kept circling it at the outlet and decided to go for it. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO glad I did. It is a great size with the perfect drop for me. I don't think you'll regret it!
    What color did you get? Enjoy it and post pics when you get it!!!!
  3. YAY! I love Alis, I hope you love her :heart: 275 is a good price because most legacy bags I see are in the 4-500 dollar range :rolleyes:
  4. There are not any more at the outlets and you got great price!! They were $233 with tax at my outlets and by the time the seller paid fees she probably broke even!! Thats a awsome deal for a New Ali !!! What color is it? Whiskey or Natural ??
  5. The Ali really wasn't for me, but my BF loves it. Congrats on your purchase!!!
  6. Woohoo!!! I just got my Black Ali in the mail from eBay yesterday :yahoo: I am sure you are going to love it!! Mine was new used and in GREAT condition! I haven't carried it yet, but it was love at first sight :love: If my daughter is not sick tomorrow, Ali's first outing will be to my nephews birthday party.

    Here she is.......



  7. Oooooooooooo if I were to get a tan looking one it would be the whiskey!! Awesome!! You will love it I am sure :yes:
  8. I just did a little recon and it's def. authentic and she does have great feedback. I think you're going to love her, donnalynn!! I know I love mine! Just prepare yourself for the possibility for some scratches since she is "whiskey" - but don't fret about it b/c mine was also from the outlet and in perfect condition but she now has some scratches and that's okay! I actually love the look of the vintage whiskey leather, scratches and all!
    Congrats, girl, b/c that was a good ebay price!:tup:
  9. One of the best coach purchases in all my handbag history! :jammin:

    I love love love my ali(s). I cannot wait to hear how you love it! Congrats. Great price, too.
  10. Yay!!! I am so happy for you! You got a great deal on your Ali! Congrats
  11. Great buy! You will love her! Whiskey isn't my favorite color but I know a lot of people do. Ali is a very classic bag :yes::heart:
  12. ITA about about the scratches on the whiskey! It gives it character IMO.
  13. Looks great! I hope you like her! I love mine!
  14. I have a whiskey Ali also and I just love, love her!!! The color is beautiful and the bag is perfect. She is such a joy to carry, I feel so good when I have her on my shoulder. You made a great choice, congratulations!:tup::heart::tup: