Oh My Gosh! How Cool It Is??

  1. [​IMG]
    ( Louis Vuitton Monogram Inclusion Phone Accessory) these two resin cubes are a chic and playful attachment for your cell phone

    I WANT ONE!!:nuts: :nuts:
  2. Now thats cute! I love that the cubes are black too. How much is it?
  4. Oh, it's a Monogram Inclusion Ring! so lovely!!
  5. $230! ;)
  6. Me toooo!!!!!:nuts: Sooo cute:love: Anyone know how much?:weird:
  7. ^^
  8. YES!!! i think they should be available in the three colors (black, beige, and maybe multicolore) :shrugs: who know??
  9. They're available in black and beige.
  10. thx for ur info!! :smile:
  11. Thank you so much girls!:flowers: :wtf: My mobile only cost about $350.:Push:
  12. aw, that's so cute! why does LV have sooooooo many cute bags and accessories? *sigh*
  13. Oh lord, my wish list just got longer
  14. The cell accesory is too cute :P . Why does LV always tempt me with something:sad:
  15. Yeah I have that one. I wanted to wait until I got a new phone to put it on but I couldn't stand having it just sit in the box lol..