OH MY GOSH!!! happy and confused at the same time...please help me out.

  1. my SA called me. i can pick up my roxbury drive in pomme this tuesday.:yahoo: i am so happy coz i thought it was going to take forever but it's actually here.
    now here's a question for you guys and gals. i am the type of person who usually will only buy expensive bags in "classic" styles and colors (black, brown, camel, etc.). this will be my first ever colored bag. i have lvs in the reg damier, azur and mono. do you think it's worth it? i love the way it looks and feels. it's also very versatile (handheld and shoulder):love: but i'm scared that i might not be able to use it that much. my other choice is to buy the batignolles horizontal - great price, practical, pretty but not as stunning as the roxbury. what's a girl to do?:confused1:
  2. Go try them out..thats the only way youll know what you love for sure!
  3. I think it's worth it. Your bag collection needs a little spice and the Pomme would be just the thing to add to it. You can always get a BH later, get the Roxbury now while you can.
    Trust me, if you love the bag enough, you'll MAKE it work with your outfits or even plan your outfits around the bag. I do it all the time lol.
  4. i tried both bags out last week. the bh was great and comfy. the roxbury was just ***WOW*** and it was easy to carry as well.
  5. haha! that's so true.
  6. Congrats!!! I am just like you when it comes to classic (aka pricey) bags lol, still torn between classic AND discountinued Perle or pomme myself, but roxbury is very useful IMO. It'd be cute w/casual outfit if you pair it w/longer straps, such as Sophie's, for messenger style. If you don't mind pre loved LV, i'd definitely keep this roxbury as it's hard to find in excellent pre loved, but the BH is something comming up pre loved often.
    Please share some pix ^^
  7. i will definitely post pictures (of whatever bag i choose to bring home) when i pick it up from the boutique this tuesday. i can't wait. thanks for sharing in my excitement.:yes:
  8. well, that shade of red is pretty easy to match...wear it with black, white, greys, etc. the purse can be your pop of color or highlight of your outfit.

    but i know what you mean anout the "classics" exactly why i decided not to get the mc trouville or mc alma. i dont want anything too busy. the BH is great...i have it and used it today, great bag, very functional.

    at the end of the day its whatever feels right at the time of purchase....i wasnt much help was i?????
  9. I think it's more than worth it. Red is a color that will always be in style, and the shade of red is TDF!
  10. it helps that you voiced out your opinion. i remember your modelling pics of the bh. it was one of the reasons why i considered getting it. very functional.:yes: and also very versatile. i can carry it with me to the office as well.
    i love the roxbury in pomme because vernis is here to stay and red is almost a staple in any wardrobe. mc bags don't appeal to me in general. i guess i'm more "safe" when it comes to bags. however, when i tried on the roxbury it didn't feel like it was "screaming." infact it was quite elegant and sexy...sigh...still can't make up my mind. bh? roxbury in pomme? arrrgh!!!
  11. ^^^well you will just have to get both then:happydance:
  12. :yes: so true.
  13. If you already have a larger, more practical tote, I'd definitely get something a little fun for your collection ! :graucho:
  14. Hey, I am the same way, always bought the classic look butI am getting my pomme roxburry today. I think its big enough to fit everyday stuff and can be worn casually on your shoulder (and I am thinking of getting a really long strap so i can do messenger with it) and evening on your hand.

    Plus this is the season of bright bags. We should brave ourselves and just go for it!!!

  15. i agree!!